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Morifade - Stefan from Morifade about the new album and tour
[b] This Tuesday Iíve received a phone call from Sweden. On the other end of the line Stefan from Morifade made some time to answer some questions. Because there were two interviews set on the same time there was not very much time, but Iíve got all the answers to my questions. D.M.A.: For everyone who doesnít know you can you describe the type of music on your new album?[/b] [i]Stefan: Hmmm some will say itís progressive power metal in a way. Itís heavy metal power metal with progressive element I think, and a lot of melody in guitars and vocals I think.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: Can you tell me a bit about recording the new album ďDam<>nationí?[/b] [i]Stefan: Yeah, The other guys went to the LaRocque studio (from Andy Larocque red.) in Gothenburg, and were recording there for about a month. Then I did my vocal part in Stockholm in a small studio here. Then we got back to Gothenburg and mixed it. And euhÖ yeah thatís about it.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: I think itís a good record.[/b] [i]Stefan: Yes it is Andy is really managed to produce a really progressive and aggressive sound in a way I think [/i] [b]D.M.A.: To be honest Iíve never heard about Morifade before, itís not my kind of metal, but when I received the new album from Karmageddon I was really surprised about the album.[/b] [i]Stefan: O thanks, thanks.[i] [b]D.M.A.: On the new cd (digi-pack red.) we can find a cover from Halloween called ďJudasĒ, do you have more plans for covers or an cover album?[/b] [i]Stefan: No, weíve done that cover for a tribute-cd for Halloween which is released in Spain. They asked us to cover ďJudasĒ and we thought ďWhy not?Ē. I mean Halloween was always a big influence to us. [/i] [b]D.M.A.: What is your main inspiration source?[/b] [i]Stefan: I would say the thing that always comes back to us euhmÖ Iron maiden and Judas Priest, I think.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: You can hear these influences back in the sound of Morifade.[/b] [i]Stefan: Yeah itís all in the songs again.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: Where does the name Morifade come from?[/b] [i]Stefan: It doesnít mean anything really, euhmmÖ the name was there before I joined the band. I joined the band 1998 and then the guys had come up with the name a couple of years before that. It just sounds a kind of dark and have a good mood in it they thought. I guess itís a combination between the words mori what means in Latin death and the word fade. Itís just a cool word. Morifade is Morifade for a long time now and people know us by that name so we decided that we shouldnít have a other name when I joined the band.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: How did you end up with Karmageddon Media?[/b] [i]Stefan: We were looking for a good record company because our last record company didnít perform very well for us I think. And after some time we could make a good deal with Karmageddon. They are working well for us.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: Do you have any plans for a European tour?[/b] [i]Stefan: Yes we have. Hopefully we go on tour somewhere in March April and we will come to Germany, and to Belgium and the Netherlands but we are working things out about this tour now. Besides the tour we will be on some summer festivals.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: Do you prefer a festival or a club?[/b] [i]Stefan: Oh thatís a difficult question. I mean itís fun to play on festivals because there are a lot of people there, but a club can be very intimated and have a high energy level. So I prefer them both.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: With which band would you like to go on tour?[/b] [i]Stefan: Besides Iron maiden? I donít know really Iíve had this question before and I always say with Swedish bands because we know some Swedish bands and are good friends to them. So Iím thinking of Evergray and Nocturnal Rites. They are god friends and it would be fun to go on tour with them. And perhaps Tad Morose because our keyboard player (Fredrik red.) also joins that band.[/i] [b]D.M.A.: What are the best things and worst thing on tour?[/b] [i]Stefan: The worst thing is the waiting because thereís a lot of waiting, sitting around doing nothing besides checking the sound and you havenít anything to doe besides replace some snares and check the sound again and drinking beer. The best thing is off course the response of the audience and the kick you get out of singing before a lot of people who likes your music. [/i] [b]D.M.A.: Did something funny happened on you tour?[/b] [i]Stefan: Thatís a difficult question to, euhmm one thing wasnít funny at that time but afterward it was quite funny was that on a festival on Spain and our instruments didnít show up, and we supposed to be on stage in 15 minutes. So we had to borrow the instruments of Metalium and we had no idea how it sounds. But 10 minutes before we went on stage our instruments showed up and we did a good gig over there. So there was a lot of tension before the show. [/i] [b]D.M.A.: Well there is only one thing left to say for me. Do you have anything to say to our readers?[/b] [i]Stefan: Next month our new album Dam<>nation will come out and this will be a killer album so check it out and see you on our gigs later this year. [/i]
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @D.M.A.

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