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Eternal Deformity - Circustalk
A while ago I reviewed the album of Polish metallers Eternal Deformity. I was pleasantly surprised and therefore decided to ask them some questions. Here’s the outcome.

Hi, how’s life?

“Everyday better and better. Actually it has never been so good. Frozen Circus takes great reviews and that’s what’s make us feel high!”

Please introduce yourself and your band to the ones unfamiliar with it?

Eternal Deformity is a band which goes on for 15 years now and against all currents it plays metal and, more precisely, its own vision of metal. The band had its ups and downs but nowadays it flies higher and higher. The band is: Kofi –voc. And on Frozen Circus bass as well but recently he decided to focus on singing itself, Aro and Smyku – guitars, Kilo – keyboards, Ciajo – drums, and our fresh blood Johnny – bass.”

I know it’s not that easy to compare your music to other bands but if you had to choose a comparison, which band(s) would that be and for what reason?

“Unfortunately, I won’t answer his question. We stay far away from any comparisons. It’s journalists’ and reviewers’ task so let them speak. The only thing I can say is that “Little 15” is alarmingly similar to Depeche Mode’s achievements.”

What is Eternal Deformity influenced both musically and lyrically by?

“If it comes to music we take as much as possible out of every kind of music, starting with classical and ending with extreme metal kinds. The only things we keep away from are boysband’s achievements because we’re not that handsome, haha!. As for texts I don’t have much to say in this case. As far as I know Kofi very carefully watches everything around him, catalyzes it through the prism of his experiences and tries to put it into words. I know it sounds like pseudoscientific mumble but that’s all I know about that.”

How did you come up with the whole circus theme for your new album?

“The circus concept appeared itself. When creating the album we found out that we’re accompanied by kind of grotesque and gloomy atmosphere. That’s why we decided to stick to that direction and as a result it sounds as if it were a concept album although it’s not.”

Where did you get the idea for the kind of depressing title and artwork?

“I’ve answered this question partially before. The title is a natural consequence of the process of creation and the cover is made by our friend, graphic artist Yv who is ingenious in expressing the essence.”

If there is a special meaning behind the theme, can you explain what it is, please?

“Of course. The circus is perceived as a primitive entertainment but in fact it’s just a means to satisfy people’s need to meet something exceeding the boundaries of human’s abilities, understanding and imagination. But this circus has also its other meaning: clowns, dwarfs, trained animals, and people’s desire to feed with human’s misfortune. These all makes the quintessence of humanity which we hibernated with ice and left as heritage to our successors.”

Is the circus theme something you’ll stick to in the future or was it a one-time only thing? Why?

“We don’t know this yet. In our works we’ve analyzed people’s dreams (In the abyss of dreams... furious memories), ancient times (Forgotten distant time), the fear of passing away (Nothing lasts forever), the perception of the world from reptiles’ (as the world’s oldest being) point of view (The serpent design) and now the time has come for a circus, who knows what’ll be next…”

Why should people check out Frozen Circus?

“Just to get to know something about themselves but mainly to learn about how capacious music genre is metal and how much you can express with it.”

What are your personal favourite albums? Why?

“Very difficult question, as I don’t think of music in terms of best albums, performers, etc. I can be amazed just with one song, one solo, but I’ll try at least. Iron Maiden - Live After Death because there’s everything – the music, joy, technique, masterpiece and what’s more – a concert album (and I love them); Metallica - Ride The Lighting – freshness, concept; Fade To Black and the most beautiful Hammet’s solo; Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears – Zakk Wylde!!!; Devil Doll - Dies Irae – emotions and of course Mr. Doctor - Enigma III – emotions and fabulous melodies, and last but not least – Michael Amott – metal genius of harmony.”

Any underrated bands which you think deserve more attention? Why these bands?

Eternal Deformity – undoubtedly. Because they always go against the flow.”

On to something else, can you tell us a bit more about your upcoming touring plans?

“You’ve just touched my weakest point. At present we have a problem with concerts because our vocalist is in England which makes it difficult to tour but I think that around autumn we should start performing Frozen Circus live.”

Speaking about touring, what places would you like to tour most and why?

“Very strange question. We’d like to do some touring everywhere, in every country and on every continent. Well, maybe except for Antarctica. We’d like to play for every listener.”

Which festival is a must for you to play once in your life? Why this one?

„Wacken Open Air. It’s the biggest.”

Seeing Eternal Deformity live, what can people expect?

“Awesome energy, passion and satisfaction with playing. And of course joy with the fact that you’ll hear some of our previous songs.”

What’s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on stage?

“Stage is in general a strange thing. Everything which sounds good on rehearsal doesn’t sound on stage and vice versa… I hate my guitar amp. It never sounds the same on stage as in our rehearsal room.”

That was actually my last question, do you have anything to add? Please do so now!

“I encourage everyone to get into Frozen Circus – it’s really worth it, learn something about yourself… you’re welcome!”
Details Written on 2008-03-06
Writer @Boek

Tags: #Eternal Deformity