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Eternal Deformity - Frozen Circus

For some unknown reason I got attracted by the circus aspect of this album. As soon as I found the MySpace website of these Polish metallers I had the feeling I was gonna like this stuff and judging from only one song I did. So, what’s next? Reviewing the album of course. Here’s Eternal Deformity’s Frozen Circus.

Just like a circus, this album has got a lot of different elements to bring forward. I mean, imagine all kinds of people and animals performing in the circus. Now link all those characters to a different musical element and mix the whole thing. You will soon find an interesting mixture of happy tunes and more depressing, darker elements. A wide range of musical approaches is what Frozen Circus brings us, that’s for sure!

From slow, doom-like passages to up-tempo death metal blasting to more prog-ish rhythms, it’s practically all there. Even the vocals carry a nice variety of styles. Screaming, depressing semi-clean vocals, again, plenty of diversity to enjoy! And yes, also Illusionist (what a name! you can go too far you know…) does a great job on the keys! It really creates the perfect atmosphere and it sets the perfect tone to the whole circus theme.

But there’s this small downside to the album; because no matter how much I like this CD, it still seems to lack some kind of catchiness. The songs just won’t stick in my head for that long. Which is a pity of course ‘cause it would have made the album even better. The songs are all good as individuals but they miss that final step in making it a memorable song. The addition of some slightly more catchy riffs and melodies can only attribute to a better result.

In the end I think Eternal Deformity did a very nice job on Frozen Circus. There’s enough diversity in the music when it comes to style and tempo, which keeps things interesting. A bit more catchy songs would certainly do the trick for these guys. But I think they’ll manage to get their name out there anyway! Just check it out some time!

Eternal Deformity - Frozen Circus
76/1001Details code666
Released on Friday Feb 29th, 2008
Metal Circus

Writer @Boek on Monday Feb 25th, 2008

Tags: #Eternal Deformity
Tracklisting 1. Retrospection
2. The Force Of Your Heart
3. Unholy Divine
4. Little 15
5. Crime
6. So Silent
7. Thor’s Message
8. Endless Night
9. Lovelorn
Line up Announcer – Vocals, Bass
Illusionist – Keys
Lion Tamer – Guitar
Juggler – Drums
Knife Thrower – Guitar