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Magnacult - One of the new refreshing Dutch metal acts
For the unknown readers, can you please introduce your band and yourself?

"Hi metalragers, my name is Sebastiaan Lefèvre and I’m the frontman of Magnacult, which brings you a varied metal sound from Dutch soil."

You guys have released your album a little less over 6 months now, what have you guys experienced since the release?

"After the release we've had some crazy shows and nice reviews. Every live show is like a rotten steam-roller pulverising bones!"

After the release you did a nice tour with The New Dominion, what was the experience like and what did you guys learn from this tour?

"The tour gave us the opportunity to gain live experience and to grow as a band. The live show is running smoothly since we all have a lot of live experience. We have only been playing live for a year now and we are thirsty for more!"

There are members in your band who also play in other bands, what does this mean for Magnacult?

"Yeah that's right. Our bassplayer Spit plays in Demia and My City Burning as well. Besides being in Magnacult I’m also the frontman of Fluff. You definitely have to check these bands out!
Together with Spit I was the last add-on to complete the formation. For Magnacult, having members who play in other bands as well means that the band consists of an experienced and solid formation with mean stage monsters."

What was it like working together with Jochem from Textures, what did you guys learn from this experience?

"Jochem and Bouke did the mixing and mastering. What we learned from this experience? Well…That he has got some well-trained ears and he understands what you want. He is the Uri Geller of metal!"

What is the biggest goal Magnacult want to achieve in the next 5 years?

"Still having good times with this formation, it’s a killer one! ..And hopefully some bad ass tours."

This year Metal is taking over the festivals, the first metal band for Lowlands has been confirmed. There will be a metal stage on Zwarte Cross and Fields of Rock will be a three day festival this year. In what way does Magnacult see opportunities with this development?

"We are working on it to get on a bill, but it’s really hard, because they want the big ones and we don’t have a vocalist with a dress. Personally, I think Magnacult needs more publicity to play shows like these, but in my opinion, we do deserve it."

If you would be able to play at one of these festivals, what would you do to convince our readers to see you play at that festival where there is a chance you will play together with one of the headlining acts?

“If this would happen?...The beer is on me bastards!”

You guys are a refreshing band on the Dutch market, some other bands also managed to create a refreshing sound. Is this something you want to achieve or is this the result of perfect chemistry? And what will it take to reproduce the creative sound in the future?

"From the beginning, it was one of our goals to create a heavy and monstrous sound. We have put a lot of thought and work into it. The fact that we have an amazing chemistry in the band is a big plus. We are always working on our sound and on new material and one of our goals is to keep our heavy and defining sound. The new material is still varied and it’s rougher than before."

Anything left to say to our readers?

"Spread the Magnacult word and wish us a lot of success during the Devildriver shows. And off course I want to thank Metalrage for all their support/publicity lately."

Thanks for your time!

Details Written on 2008-03-12
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #Magnacult
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