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Radiate - First Contact: An Interview
Metalrage proudly presents its first interview! Steve, singer/guitarist from Radiate was kind enough to spend some time answering a few questions, so check out what he had to say! Q 1: Radiate is a relatively young band, so what are you guys all about? [quote] We are a revolution of the spirit! We are trying to bring back innovative music with passion and intelligence. Using sounds that are not found in modern Metal/Rock, like our brothers in Tool, System of a Down, Radiohead, Massive Attack, and Deftones. We are the backlash to NU-Metal and Rap-core. [/quote] Q 2: When can we expect a full-length album, and how will it sound like? [quote] Hopefully we will be able to release a full-length album sometime this Year if not next. We are looking to enter the Machine (Recording Industry) and shake things up a bit. The sound is something that cannot be predicted at this time. Certainly fans will find a few of their favorite songs re-recorded once again and hopefully a bunch of new ones with more interesting twists. We are inspired by many different forces and can never tell how that will translate in the studio. Personally I hope to bring more of the electronica and tribal elements out on the next recording and lessen the Rock. I want to do something different! [/quote] Q 3: Tell us a lame joke :) [quote] Limp Bizkit [/quote] Q 4: What kind of music do the band members listen to themselves? [quote] Wow-- this could fill up pages-- or should I say MB's. Well I guess I will speak for myself personally I have been listening to Massive Attacks new one 100th Window, which is Masterful. At any given time I usually rotate through: Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Jane's Addiction, Peter Gabriel, Glassjaw, The Used, Roni Size REPRAZENT (Full cycle stuff), Underworld, The Revolution Smile, Reach 454, and many others. I am a music Junkie! [/quote] Q 5: What is the ultimate goal you want to achieve, musically speaking? [quote] Wow I would love to achieve the highest plane of music like say a Ritual de lo Habitual or an OK Computer. An album with so much power, and energy that it sounds better 10 years later than most of the shit out today. Something that is timeless and classic and not a fad, fashion, retro here today gone tomorrow thing. Something with passion that affects people's lives like those records that changed and affected me. [/quote] Q 6: What�s the weirdest gig you guys had yet? [quote] Some pretty weird ones, in interesting "venues", one had a waterfall behind us... [/quote] Q 7: What's the worst gig situation you guys had? Any wrecked PA systems? [quote] One gig had an inadequate P.A. system and I had to stop the show after 3 songs. We play with sequencers and whatnot so if we can't hear things the energy and vibe is not there for us, so we would rather not play then play a shit gig. [/quote] Q 8: If there would be a Radiate movie, about the band, who would you love to see in it? [quote] A movie is actually always in the back of my mind..There is a storyline that runs through the songs, of a world were clones are in power and humans are slaves. We are the resistance and are trying to band together a human resistance against clone sovereignty. (Not the parallels to the music, art, movie industry with their cookie cutter output). The lyrics reflect this concept as does the music which is very visual, and cinematic. I hope to one day write all these ideas and concepts down and turn it into something bigger. Be weary of what�s going on, with this Human Cloning business, this reality is less fantasy than you might think. [/quote] Thanks to Steve for answering the questions! Keep checking, a Radiate contest is coming up soon!
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Carn

Tags: #Radiate
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