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Textures - Paaspop Silhouettes
In the Easter weekend of 22nd and 23rd of March it was very, very, very cold. But Metalrage loves the cold, so we went out to the Paaspop festival in the lovely Dutch town called Schijndel and good times ensued. One of the bands that was going to play the 'Masters of Rock' stage was Textures, who just released a shiny new record called Silhouettes. We talked with Bart Hennephof (guitars) and Richard Rietdijk (synths/keys) about this nice shiny slab of Dutch metal. Read on!
Paaspop is the first show since you guys have been in the studio shed. What have you been up to since the last shows of the Drawing Circles tour?
'The last show was half a year ago, and November we started writing for Silhouettes the new album. In December and Januari we were pretty much full time at work in the studio.'
Again you recorded the album in Jochem Jacob’s (guitarist) own studio. Did this approach go well again?
'Actually, it keeps going better since we now know how everything works. We also experimented with different sounds and different amps as well. We started earlier ‘than usual’ so we had more time to experiment. We were kind of in a hurry with the recording of the previous album, but this time we came well prepared. We already had songs written and spent quite some time with pre-production and we worked out most of the details. You could almost say that we spent little time actually recording the album, it went pretty fast.'
Isn’t it hard to say when a song is done?
'Songs are never done. We put a lot of time in our songs, and it’s only done when everyone agrees that it is done. During the writing process we take pieces that originated in jams or are brought in by individual members. A song can change 84 times before it’s done. If someone says that they don’t like a certain part, we will work on that until everyone is happy.'
That sounds very democratic!
'Yeah, it sounds cheesy but it is the truth. We all want to go in the same direction, we often talk about what kind of album we want to record.'
And, what kind of album did you record this time?
'It is more ‘straight to the point’. It has more mid-tempo parts, a little less thrash and blast segments than the previous album. But we think it’s more intense in the end. It’s not only ‘stepping on the gaspedal’.'
Aren’t you afraid to get critisiced for ‘slowing down’?
'Not at all. We think its heavier in a different kind of way. Its deeper and more mysterious. And we think that it really is a Textures album.'
Are there some songs or moments that you are very proud of?
'Regarding songs? I`m really proud of Old Days Born Anew. It has all the Textures elements: Its fast, it’s heavy, it has atmospheric parts. It was the first song that got done mixing, and when we heard it we all thought: ‘Yes, we can still do it’. Also, we have done a part that is just synths and vocals for 2 minutes, and no guitars, which slowly builds up into the rest of the song. For us, that was quite an experiment.'
And I read that you’ve got some cool shows with Opeth, Arch Enemy  and Death Angel?
'Yeah, we are going to play in the Underworld in London with Death Angel. That’s a pretty big show for us which will also attract a lot of press hopefully. We play the UK pretty regularly, we played 5 times in a venue called the Corporation in Sheffield. That’s more times than we played in a same Dutch venue.'
What will happen after the release?
'We’re planning to do some big festivals in Germany, Czech Republic and Slovenia. Also a few more selective Dutch shows. We have a limited available of days to play shows, so we have to choose the right ones.  Most of us have other projects or jobs as well, so unfortunately we can’t spend all our time on the band.  We hope to satisfy our fans but also keep them surprised. And this year looks really good for us, and between shows we`ll start writing the 4th album. We just keep on going!'
How is the new bassist (Remko Tielemans) working out?
'Awfull! No just kidding, things are excellent. He is a great player and he really fits with the rest of the band. He is a good guy, but we knew that already. We knew him from 37 Stabwoundz and he jumped on board almost as soon as Dennis (previous bassist) left.'
Wasn’t it hard for him to learn the tracks?
'He wasn’t used to the music, but we practiced a lot and he could play everything in 2 months. The studio recordings went fine as well. It was bizar in a positive way!'
--Around this time the Paaspop-crew asked us to hurry up..(ed)
So..any last words?
'Check out ‘Silhouettes’!'
Details Written on 2008-05-06
Writer @Carn

Tags: #Textures
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