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The Wounded - Marco explains...
[i][b]I was mailed with the question if Metalrage wanted an interview with The Wounded. Because we reviewed Atlantic some days ago, we were interested and thus we had an interview by mail. My questions were answered by Marco (Vocalist)[/b][/i] [b]M-C: My first question is about your history, how did it all start and why The Wounded as bandname.[/b] M: If you want our information, please look at the biography on our website: [url][/url]. We have 3 albums out and youíll find the information you need on the site and it is easier to read it there. [b]M-C: Your sound on Atlantic has improved a lot. How long did you need to complete the recording process?[/b] M: We recorded from April 2003 till January 2004. Of course we didnít only sit in the studio, but I think we have been in the studio for about 3 or 4 months in total. We just wanted to improve everything about the record. We didnít stop until we reached the point that we were satisfied about the result. You canít go on forever and you need to think about the other bandmembers as well. Working on our sound was a difficult business and takes a lot of time. But itís just necessary when you want to roll along with the scene. Properly made takes time we say and thatís why weíve been taking so long to finish the record. [b]M-C: Why did you cover that version of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana?[/b] M: Weíve been playing that song as soon as we started the band. Weíve always kept playing that song and itís just a song where people keep talking about, a cultsong. When people asked us if we had it on tape or where it could be downloaded, we decided to record it on our album. We are quite satisfied about it as well. When the grunge period erupted, it also influenced me. I listen to bands like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains and also Nirvana. My musical taste is quite wide. I listen to symphonic rock like Marillion and Pink Floyd but I can also appreciate the harder material like Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed and Napalm Death. I also listen to classical music like Beethoven and Gorecki. I was raised with new wave music and the more classical goth bands like Sisters Of Mercy. These influences you can hear back in the music. We needed a new cover song for live performance after Paradise Lost loaned Small Town Boy gheghe and thus we decided to do this song. [b]M-C: Marco, you sound desperate on the album. Why?[/b] M: Because there is so much in the world to be desperate about, but that isnít an explanation for my way of singing. I put a lot of feeling in my voice and when Iím singing I let myself go entirely. We play quite melancholic music and with that music we have a sort of dirge. The lyrics and music are quite personal and thatís why I put so much effort in it. When Iím singing live, I again let myself go, but more in my fantasy. Itís like seeing the memories come alive again. The music is quite emotional and every song gives me strong feelings about it. Itís always been that way, live and in the studio and itís quite hard to put so much effort in it. But thatís why itís so special; my way of singing is also a therapy for me. It may sound clichť but itís just the plain truth, just like the music is honest too. But Iím not depressed in my normal social live gheghe. I see a lot, do a lot and I enjoy life on my moments. I donít think you can take that from the lyrics that Iím depressed or something like that. When you look carefully youíll see a glimpse of hope and expectation. Iím constantly fighting with emotions and happenings. Some lyrics are handling about that it will be better eventually, like Monument. If you donít fight for something, then youíll eventually lose your hope too. I believe that hope and believe are the only pillars to keep you straight in dark periods. I see life like a gift, but living can be so hard at certain moments. My way of dealing with those periods is writing lyrics. If you write about the happy and joyful moments, or my more aggressive side, then it wonít be the same music anymore. I worry a lot about our world especially about the ones that cannot fight back, like nature. You canít be happy anymore when you see how much we are destructing. A lot of people donít care about it, especially in Holland were we whinny about everything while we are living better than the kings 4 centuries ago. I cannot live in this way and I believe that our naivety will be our downfall. We are losing the battle with nature, the world as we know it wonít hold long this way. Donít forget that this world is 200 years like this, but that there has been life much longer. Thatís were the title track Atlantic is handling about too. [b]M-C: What do you want to do in the future with The Wounded?[/b] M: We just want to play a lot. The dream we used to have is becoming reality now and the love for the band is just increasing. Itís an addiction and Iím certainly not done with song writing. We will certainly produce some nice records because itís my thrive to write down my history in this way with music and with this to create a diary for my kids and grandkids. A history book done by only 1 person, a biography of an individual in the 3th millennium. [b]M-C: Are the lyrical subjects going to change a lot? Or can we expect the same thing on the next album?[/b] M: I canít say anything about that yet. There is a big chance that it will keep becoming more spiritual, without losing the view on the reality. But you canít measure that, but there will always be a life line throughout our records. I think the music will evolve a lot quicker than the lyrics. The lyrics are very important because they give an impression about the song. The whole setting of a song is directed by the lyrics. I donít get many questions about the lyrics and Iím a little sad about that, because I believe that the lyrics are equally important as the music. In a world were people donít listen to each other, the lyrics arenít important I think. That was different in the past with Pink Floyd and The Doors. [b]M-C: How did the deal with Ebony Tears became reality?[/b] M: Cold Blood Industries created Ebony Tears as a sublabel to sort the wide variety of bands. It became a little messy and it was a question about what the label used to stand for. Because Ebony Tears is specified on more Atmospheric music we released Atlantic through them. It will be our final album for Ebony Tears by the way. We donít know with whom weíll corporate with. Perhaps Ebony Tear, perhaps another label. First we want to enjoy Atlantic and play a lot of shows and weíll see how it goes. We would like to thank Ebony Tears and The Wounded for the opportunity to interview.
Details Written on 2005-01-01
Writer @Mat-Core

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