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The Wounded - Atlantic
I was a little bit amused when I received an email from Ebony Tears, regarding their new album Atlantic from The Wounded. It stated that everyone should have received an album for reviewing and indeed, the next day I received it. The Wounded are a Gothic/Rock band from The Netherlands. Recently they�ve signed with the new Ebony Tears label and this is their 3rd album so far. The biography mentions that this is their most mature album so far. Well, let�s see. The music is not quite hard to describe, but it�s not your ordinary Within Temptation or After Forever clone. If you look deeper than that, then you�ll encounter several styles of music in this little record. The 9 songs vary from short, heavier songs, and some slow ballad like songs. The lyrics are handling about the revenge of nature upon humanity, thus creating its downfall. The theme of the album is not a joyful one, and that�s exactly heard in the voice of Marco. He indeed lays a big emotion in his voice, and though his English is a bit Dutchly spoken sometimes, it�s easily forgiven. Damn, I was truly amazed by this album, as the music was indoctrinating on my very own soul. I enjoyed tracks like We Are Darker, as it was a slower ballad like song, with a little outburst at the end. I also enjoyed 18. Carat Dust, due to the interesting guitar parts in it. My biggest amusement came after 6 songs, when I heard some tones and notes I knew, and also the lyrics I knew. When I was looking to the title of the song, I realized that this was the slow-mo version of Nirvana�s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Tricky, but quite amusing. I can conclude this review by at least saying in the first place that I�m not a gothic/rock fan and usually shit on this kind of music. But The Wounded was different. I listened to it when I was sick as hell and somehow the music truly did something to me. I felt the emotion and the reality of the music. It�s important for me that a record sounds honest, and this record surely does. The only thing I can say is that this is a quality album and not only for the Gothic fanatics, but also for the laymen in Gothic. Track List: 1: Hollow World 2: 18. Carat Dust 3: Running On Empty 4: Day Of Joy 5: Northern Lights 6: Prelude 7: Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana) 8: We Are Darker 9: Atlantic Line Up: Guitar/Vocals � Marco van der Velde Guitar � Sander Wessels Bass � Andy Haandrikman Keyboards � Eduard Dresscher Drums � Alwin Schnoing
The Wounded - Atlantic
86/1001Details Ebony Tears
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #The Wounded
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