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When We Fall - Questioning Danny

With their first full-length We Untrue Our Minds, the Swedes from When We Fall left a nice business card and when we got the question to do a little interview with this band we couldn’t say no. Vocalist Danny was kind enough to answer the questions for us.

Can you introduce yourself and the band to our readers?

When We Fall is a five piece band from Gothenburg Sweden. We started the band in the fall of 2003 and the time it took from the first meeting in the rehearsal room (we did not knew each other before we started this band) out to the stages was hardly notable.

We have been changing some members through the years. We recently changed the complete ensemble because we were all in different stages of development in lives. There are only two persons from the original band left, me (Danny) and Håkan.

In our new line up we are a group of old friends that has not been playing together earlier. I have to say that I truly love this new line up and what it has done to our music.

When We Fall are:
Danny Ö – Vocals
Håkan L – Guitar
Ola J – Guitar
Alexander K – Bass
Manne O – Drums”

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?

“We all like different types of music in the band so I guess we find the musical inspiration from everywhere. The music has mainly through the years been written by me and Håkan. Håkan listens to a lot of metal and hardcore while I choose to find my inspiration from 90’s mid west emo and the modern post-rock music. People like to compare our music with bands such as Comeback Kid and Champion. Comeback Kid is a great band and I guess there are some likeness, like the fast pace (in some of our songs) and the melodic guitars.”

You recently released We Untrue Our Minds, how are the responses so far?

“The response has been nice. We’ve got some nice reviews and it has given a nice reception from our audience.”

The most remarkable track on We Untrue Our Minds is probably ‘No Eyelids Can Make This Picture Fade A Way’. Can you tell us something more about why you guys chose such an instrumental track?

“I can see why it’s remarkable. It’s maybe nothing you would expect on a hardcore album but the complete album is quite wide in its musical influences. You will find old school and new school hardcore, rock, emo (not this modern crap people like to call emo, I am talking about the 90’s emo) and some post rock. We decided we wanted to have an instrumental track for the album and since I am writing a whole lot of instrumental music for my other musical projects I chose to make the song. I first had a complete different vision of this song but I still think it turned out pretty fine."

Are you a 100 percent satisfied with the record or are there things you would have done differently when you could do it all over again?

You are never 100 percent satisfied with what you do. I am sure we could have done the record differently in the working progress. We could have done songs that would fit better together so that the album would be more uniform. We recorded the album in a time frame of two years and I think you can really hear it on the manufactured product. Not that it’s very well produced, because it's not. It’s pretty rough. We did not gave the recording progress our full attention and that’s why it took us so long.”

What are steps in your career that you are most proud of?

“We never became one of those bands that are stuck in the rehearsal room. We started the band and after just a few weeks we were out there and made our very best at the stages. We might not have been that good in the beginning but we were out there and people got to know about us. It helped us a lot. We have always been trying our very best to make great shows. We rather cancel a show (in time of course) than perform badly cause of sickness or other factors.”

What have you guys got that Slayer hasn't?

“We have got shorter hair, better taste in clothes and guitar brands.”

Weirdest thing on your rider (or if not applicable: what would you ask for)?

“I would ask for a personal bartender with a pony tail that could make tons of Bloody Marys for me and the other guys, though I am the only fan of that drink.”

Name the single lamest record in your collection.

“Some lame crust cds, which I hate but keep for making me seem more punk than I really am.”

In movies, who do you prefer; Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone and why?

“I will have to say Sylvester Stallone. Both guys are terrible actors but Sylvester Stallone has made one of our times' greatest movies, Rocky!”

What can we expect from When We Fall in the nearby future?

“You can expect a new When We Fall album, which will hopefully be released in early winter of 2009 if I For Us Records is still interested in working with us. We will also do another European tour in January 2009.”

Do you have something to add to this interview or maybe something to say to our readers?

“Keep your eyes open and visit our MySpace this fall. We will soon record three new tracks that will be available for downloading. Furthermore, don’t eat living creatures that have eyes and can make babies.”

Details Written on 2008-09-15
Writer @Gilles

Tags: #When We Fall