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Dream Evil - Peter wants a pool of male sea lions
Dream Evil: the folks who brought you 'The Book of Heavy Metal', have got a new CD/DVD out there, and are planning some extensive touring to support it. Or are they? When Metalrage sent out this snazzy questionnaire to D.E.'s Peter Stålfors, we were of the understanding that he and his pals were having the time of their lives, touring South America. But no. Read all about it!

Who are you?

'My name is Peter Stålfors and I play the bass in Dream Evil.'

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?

'A mixture between the style a couple of bands had in the 80’s, like Judas Priest, Scorpions, Accept, Helloween, Iron Maiden and also influences from the current scene. The bands I mention above are our main influences and are the bands we were listening to when we were formed to metal heads.'

What instrument do you play (brand & type)?

'At the moment I’m playing a Washburn RB-2500 (5 string bass), but I think that will change in a short while. We’ve got an endorsement deal with ESP so I’m awaiting some new amazing stuff from them.'

Tell us about ‘Gold Medal in Metal’ (the new DVD), who compiled it and was it a tough job?

'The compilation of unreleased stuff was made in cooperation between our A&R and ourselves. We looked at the songs we previously just released in Japan and also what stuff we hadn’t released before and also added three new songs which we recorded in May 2007, so it wasn’t so hard. We had some time to arrange the order of the songs and we felt it was best to arrange so that the newest stuff is in the beginning and the oldest at the end.'

You're in South America! Stories!

'That sucks big time! The tour was cancelled by the South American promotor just 36 hours before our flight out of Sweden was scheduled. The promotor says that they didn’t have time enough to book all the domestic flights and also had problems getting our visas through on time. And also problems getting the backline together and stuff like that. They have said that they will try to arrange a new tour in the near future. So I hope I can give you some cool stories then.'

About the humorous aspect of your music: how do these ideas come to existence? In the rehearsal booth? I’m still trying to figure out what drove you to cover a Greek Eurovision song.

'Actually, the Greek cover song (My Number One) is not as humorous as the other stuff. The cover came to existance when Snowy sat at home and wrote new material. He thought he came up with a really cool original riff but after a while he realised that this song was already made. So he and Fredrik decided that we should try to record this song in the autumn of 2005, and we did. The humor in the band is something we always have had.'

No, wait an Arch Enemy song, who’s (great) idea was that?

'Century Media (our record label) just released this compilation album with a lot of their bands and their idea was for all bands to make a cover of another Century Media band, so I think it was Fredrik that suggested “Let The Killing Begin” as our cover. Arch Enemy made a cover if our “The Book Of Heavy Metal”.'

Speaking of recording, how’s that new album coming along (wink, nudge)?

'Now when the South American tour was cancelled we got a lot of time on our hands which let us be creative and get the time to sit together and finish a lot of new songs.
We have a lot of new songs in the make and the plan is to start recording the new album in late November and December.'


Do you agree that looking angry on promo pictures is an important aspect of being metal?

'Ha ha ha…. We always looked that way on studio pictures, it’s Heavy Metal to look angry isn’t it? Even if we’re not that angry it looks metal. I think it would look strange to smile on a line up picture.'

What steps in your career are you proud of?

'Keeping it fun, not taking it too serious. There is so much other serious stuff in your lives anyway. And by keeping Dream Evil fun and not to tour too much we are great friends who always have the best time together when we’re off on a show or in the studio recording.'

Weirdest thing on your tour rider (or if not applicable: what would you ask for)?

'A pool of male sea lions, not asked for yet… but we will.'

If you could send one record to a deserted island where someone who you really hate is stranded, what record would that be?

'The village people – YMCA'

Stallone or Schwarzenegger, and why?

'Schwarzenegger – He’s a bad actor with a cool accent. I don’t really know why, but personally I think Arnold is cooler than Sylvester (even if their first names sound super geek).'

Jägermeister or Jack Daniels?

'No question about that. JD of course!! I hate Jägermeister, it tastes like medicine and made me sick a couple of times (bad medicine).'

When's your next gig and where?

'Our next gig is on the Rock At Sea ferry between Sweden and Finland on November 21st.'

Anything to add or plug?

'Dream Evil is unbloody serious red neck metal which goes well with beer drinking and shouting out loud. Peace.'
Details Written on 2008-10-07
Writer @Lex

Tags: #Dream Evil