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Into Eternity - Sometimes life gets in the way of a musician's fun
Tim Roth of Into Eternity has an interesting situation on his hands. Being the founder and only remaining member of his band, yet stuck at home whilst the rest of his band is out there touring. Metalrage sent Tim an e-mail, asking him not only to introduce himself to you, the reader, but also curious to find out what’s going on with the tour and himself. A very personal story about him staying home as well as the new record returned to the Metalrage Outlook.

Who are you, and who are those people you play with?
‘I'm Tim Roth and I play with Stu Block,Justin Bender,Steve Bolognese and Troy Bleich. This band has done 8 tours already and it's been a couple of years already with the same guys.’
If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?
‘This band tries to go on a bit of a different path then most other metal acts. One thing that we do is, stay in our own little bubble and not follow any trends that happen to be in fashion. I wouldn't compare us to any other band that I know of. We play a hybrid type of metal. The band takes musical parts from progressive, classic, death and power metal music. Vocally we combine death vocals with clean vocals and high Rob Halford vocals as well.’
What instrument do you play (brand & type)?
‘I play Ibanez S series guitars. They are very light and very thin guitars. I have been playing Ibanez guitars for 20 years now, but I signed a contract with them back in 2005. They are my favorite guitars with a really thin neck that is super easy to play hard things on.’
Besides the fact that you share names with an awesome actor, you’re also the only remaining member of the original line-up. Is this the definite version of the band?
‘Ha! I'm surprised that more interview don't ask me that question. Tim Roth, the actor, is really cool and I dig his movies. I am the remaining member in the band from the old days, but that doesn't matter any more. The fans are there to hear the music and that's what we do for them live. Everyone these days knows Stu as our singer and they are happy to hear him. This is a great line up of guys and we all are making it the definite version. I guess it depends on where you came into knowing the band. Some older fans only want the old line up, but the fans that we play for these days in a live setting, are really happy with these guys and so am I.’
Speaking of your person; the band’s touring without you at the moment. What happened, and more importantly, how are you doing?
‘There are many things that happened. I put out a press release on it, so people can google it. I have to deal with my Dads estate and I have business issues to deal with as well as very important family issues to take care of. I'll be out with the guys for 4 shows coming up in Canada and I'll be doing the touring in 2009, but I'm going to be a lot more limited as far as staying on the road all year long like I used to do. Sometimes life gets in the way of a musicians fun!’
Tell us about 'The Incurable Tragedy': a concept album, why?
‘Musically we wanted a more diverse album with different feels and with peaks and valleys. Sometimes we'll have a heavy song and the next will be a piano ballad or instrumental. There also is some acoustic guitar on the record, so it was cool to go back to that style. There also are way more off time riffs than ever before, which can really throw the listener off. However we write the songs though, we keep to our signature style. The album still sounds like classic Into Eternity. The main inspiration to do a concept album came from the deaths of my 2 best friends, Dave and Danny Stephenson. After they died of cancer in 2006, we knew that we were going to create a concept album dealing with loss. During the wring in October 2007, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and he died December 15 2007.’
What was more important in the recording process: your (the band's) approval or a satisfied audience?
‘The bands approval comes first because music is an art form to us and we have to be free to create what we personally like to hear. Of course we want the fans to accept the new material as well, so we try to stay close within our sound. I think the fans will trust us that we are going to put out the very best album that we can at the time. It's always a nice surprise when the press and the fans both dig the record.’
What steps in your career are you proud of?
‘There are many, many baby steps that bands go through during their career. I was so happy when we first got signed to a small Dutch label DVS Records, but then things really took off for us when we signed with Century Media back in 2002. Our first tours were also really cool for us and then big bands started taking us out like Dream Theater and Megadeth. It was amazing playing our first arenas on those tours. Doing our first videos was also cool and being able to sell our records all over the world is great. Just to be around as long as we have is something that I'm most proud of I think.’
Weirdest thing on your tour rider (or if not applicable: what would you ask for)?
‘We only have normal things on our rider like a hot meal, beer, water, towels, soda, bread and cold cut meats. We're lucky to even get that at most gigs!’
Name the single lamest record in your collection.
‘Thats a tough one because I usually only get discs that I really enjoy. Maybe a pop artist like Avril Lavigne would be an example...ha.’
Stallone or Schwarzenegger, and why?
‘This is a tough one for sure. I dig both actors. I'm into body builders these days and I think its a cool sport, so I'd say Arnold, but for movies I would say Stallone because the new Rocky and Rambo flicks are killer!’
When's your next gig and where?
‘Currently the band is on tour doing headlining off dates and opening for Iced Earth in the USA. The next gig is tomorrow October 11th 2008 in Fayetteville, North Carolina/USA.’
Anything to add or plug?
‘Thanks for the interview! Please check us out on our website or say hello to us on our myspace. Check out our new album, "The Incurable Tragedy" and keep it metal!’