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K[nine] - Trading virginity for fame

Hi there, how’s life?

Arvid: It’s all good.

Ken: Life is a carousel and right now I want to get off. But it can’t rain all the time, a wise man said once ;)

Magnus: Hi. Well, what can I say.. It´s all good :)

Please introduce yourself and your band.

Arvid: Hello, I’m Arvid Tjelta and we are K[nine]! I am one of the two vocalists in the band.

Ken: I am Alien Ken and I play the bass in K[nine]. I joined the band in August 2007. K[nine]  started in 2002 by Espen (Drums) and Magnus (Guitar) as a 2 man band. They recorded a demo and then they got a complete line-up. This lead to the release of Unleash The Power, the first full length CD from the band. This record got good reviews in the press and K[nine] started doing gigs all over Norway.

Magnus: I´m Magnus and I play guitar. Been in the band since the beginning.

The complete line up now is :
Magnus Loining - Guitars
Espen Haaland - Drums
Alien Ken - Bass
Arvid Tjelta - Vocals
Jonas Hovland - Vocals

How did you guys come up with this band name?

Ken: I guess it was a friend of Magnus and Espen. He just suggested it and they both fell for it. I think it’s an easy to remember name, and it represents the band’s aggressive side very well.

If you had to compare your musical style to any other band, what would it be?

Arvid: A combination of a couple of bands I think. I would say Chimaira, Machine Head, Sevendust, Korn, Pantera, Hatebreed, a little dash of Meshuggah going, and so on.

Magnus: I have to say that I´m having trouble comparing us to a specific other band. I think our musical style is a hybrid between all kinds of music and bands that inspire us at the time.

Ken: We usually get compared to band such as Pantera, Korn, Slipknot, Machine Head, Killswitch Engage, Lamb Of God ++

What instrument do you play (brand & type)?

Magnus: I’m the guitarist of the band. I use at the time Ibanez K7 and Ibanez RG1527 7string guitars, and Mesa Boogie Triple rectifier amp.

Arvid: I play my throat, I’m the growling vocalist. And a pretty good brand, the vocal chords are a good old model from Sandnes, 1977! Haha!

Ken: I play a 5 string Musicman SUB5 bass guitar and I use an Ampeg amp and cabinet. Sometimes I use a Line 6 bass pod as well.

Tell us about writing and recording Dead World's Poetry, did it turn out the way you wanted?

Arvid: From my point of view as a vocalist it’s hard to predict something like that. I have something in my head, but I usually end up changing stuff in the studio, hopefully for the better. But I have to say that I’m pretty damn happy how Dead World's Poetry turned out. I think we made a lot of good decisions in the making.

Magnus: In my point of view, I feel it kind of turned out the way we wanted. But we did some experimenting in the studio, changed the songs a bit and stuff like that which turned to the better I think. So the final result is a piece I´m proud of!

How did you come up with the title for the album?

Arvid: We had a couple of suggestions, but it was actually our good and hard working manager that came up with the title name. And it fits pretty good with our lyrics so we went with it.

Ken: I guess that was our manager, Solve. Dead World's Poetry is a great name which sums up the EP very well.

What steps in your career are you most proud of?

Arvid: To have come so far and been doing this for a long time, and to never give up. That’s what I’m proud of. I think there are so many good bands that quit because they have some issues on the way or simply don’t believe in themselves. Issues are there to deal with, and no one should give up on their goals or dreams.

Magnus: I´m pretty proud of everything we achieved this far. With Dead World´s Poetry, Rusty Cage Records, playing at festivals with other big bands, all the good reviews and so on.

Ken: You know, I could be tempted to say this years Norway rock festival when we played alongside Motörhead, Alice Cooper ++ But..... last week we got a message from an American man which reads as follows: "Bought Unleash The Power and just wanted to say THANK YOU! You're music helps me make it through day to day!!!!!!" I’m playing in a band that is touching peoples lives. That’s what I’m most proud of.

What goals would you still like to achieve?

Magnus: Being able to do what I always dreamed of my whole life. Make good music to the people, doing great liveshows and maybe one day make a living out of it.

Arvid: I have a vision of sharing the stage with so many great bands. I don’t care that much for money or fame. I just want to share the stage with the greatest musicians I know, and have a fucking awesome party afterwards.

Ken: To play at Ozzfest and the Download festival. And to meet Buckethead.... I’d love to share a bucket of KFC with that dude.

What’s the most precious thing you would give up for landing a great record deal and/or lots of publicity?

Arvid: I might have to give up my job, but nothing precious. I wanna land that deal right now! Hehe!

Ken: My virginity.

Magnus: Oh, that’s a hard one.. I think I´ll go for what I think most people would say. Probably give up my job. Hehe :)

Please share your touring/future plans with us.

Arvid: We have some gigs before X-Mas in Norway, but our plan is to enter Europe in the beginning of next year. We are also working with new material for a new album, so hopefully we will have a lot of new songs ready before we conquer Europe.

Ken: We are playing around Norway for the rest of 2008. Then we will hopefully be playing around Europe. Rusty Cage Records has set us in contact with some booking agents, so look out for K[nine] on tour in 2009! Besides that, we are about to begins some pre-productions for a possible new CD. We have about 5-6 new songs which we will be working on.

Anything left to say to our readers? Here’s your chance!

Magnus: Thanx to all of you people who listen to our music. We really appreciate all the good feedbacks. It really inspires us to keep on going making music. And believe me, there´s plenty more where this come from.. hehe.. Thanx and respect to you all metalheads. Be sure to check out our websites. We also got a new video comin up soon...

Arvid: We will try to play as much as possible. It depends on how many gigs we get and how we deal with our jobs. But we are all willing to sacrifice if we have to. So I guess to all you readers out there. WE ARE COMING YOUR WAY!

Ken: Stay clear of drugs, and thanks for all your support. Hope to see you all on tour someday. Don’t forget to visit for updates. We also have a video which will hopefully be released in November-08. It’s for the track "Fraction Of Time" from Dead World´s Poetry, and it is being made by the Norwegian filmmakers called HEX film.

Thank you very much for your time and good luck in the future!

Ken, Magnus and Arvid: Thank you for that and for having this interview with us :)

Details Written on 2008-10-22
Writer @Boek

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