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K[nine] - Dead Worlds Poetry
Hard, fast and powerful. That’s how the band members of Norway’s K[nine] like their music and that’s the path they have set to follow. On that path, they're not afraid of combining extremes. In fact, that’s what they are fascinated by and try to achieve. Power and melody. Aggressive riffs and catchy hooks. A band with a shitload of musical influences, put together in an attractive mix.

Kicking in with ‘Fraction Of Time’, K[nine] immediately sets the tone for what’s yet to come. Their music is like a great melting pot of multiple modern metal bands. The music clearly reminds me of Mnemic (The Audio Injected Soul-era), The Showdown, Chimaira and lots of other bands that please lots op people out there.

Though aforementioned bands are quite heavy, K[nine] is a bit softer. Not that it doesn’t contain a major groove, it’s just that it tends to lean on the nu-metal side a bit more. Kinda like they reinvented nu-metal on Dead Worlds Poetry. I think it can please quite some people out there. At least they make it worthwhile thinking back of the nu-metal era with a smile on your face. For the younger metal fans that is of course.

Furthermore you can find solid screams combined with clean singing. So yeah, a double vocal attack did help the band create a good sound with some catchy songs. I believe that these Norwegians did a very nice job on this effort. If they’re able to create somewhat more of a distinctive sound, I’m more than willing to check out their next release. Seriously, this isn’t just some nu-metal crap band! K[nine] has put out a reasonably solid wall of grooving music.
K[nine] - Dead Worlds Poetry
70/1001Details Rusty Cage Records
Released on Monday Jun 30th, 2008

Writer @Boek on Friday Oct 10th, 2008

Tags: #K[nine]
Tracklisting 01. Fraction Of Time
02. Pitch Black Eyes
03. My Inner Demons
04. Failed Creation
05. Choose Your End
06. Path Of Damnation
Line up Jonas Hovland – Vocals
Arvid Tjelta – Vocals
Magnus Løining – Guitar
Espen Haaland – Drums
Ken Ove G. Johansen – Bass