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Face Tomorrow - A chat with Marc
[b]1) How and when did Face Tomorrow become reality?[/b]

Face Tomorrow started out somewhere in 1997, playing melodic oldschool hardcore at first, but that's developed over the years and with a few line-up changes into what we do today.

[b]2) Why did you choose the name "Face Tomorrow"?[/b]

We mostly chose it because of the positivity of the name. I guess that's something we still very much want to hold on to. Lyrically but also in our attitude towards music and everything surrounding it and well, by keeping a positive look on life itself. That's one reason, the other reason; Face Tomorrow is a song/ep from a hardcore band called Mouthpiece. We adopted the name out of respect for the band and kept it as a wink at our past.

[b]3) The new lyrics contain a lot of sentences with 'You' and 'I', at first sight they don't seem to be about the 'big mad world' but about your own experiences, is that correct? To put it shortly: By whom and by what is Face Tomorrow influenced? [/b]

The lyrics are written by our singer Jelle and most of them are based on personal experiences. Not only of him, but also of other people in the band. And in that way his lyrics do handle about the 'big mad world' as well, but more on a personal level. He tries to write accessible lyrics dealing with themes as hope, loss, sadness, anger. You know, the emotional spectrum, but tries to keep the lyrics general and open for interpretation. So it could be we have lyrics which initially seem to deal with anger and frustration in a personal relationship, but that relationship could just as well be a metaphor for the 'big mad world'.

[b]4) Do you guys all have the same sources of inspiration or are they very contradicted to each other?[/b]

I think we get our inspiration out of all kinds of different impulses. This could be of course other bands, but just as much something that happened. About the bands though; I think we all have quite a wide interest. We love music and I don't think we're limited to listening to just one kind of music. Favourites range from everything from metal to jazz to hardcore to pop to dance and everything in between. And each of us has his personal favourites which differ pretty much from the others. But it's cool to try and encompass this musical baggage into something of your own.

[b]5) Small venues or big festivals? Why?[/b]

Maybe both, but of course the coolest shows are the small ones. I think we do way better in a small venue as well. Face Tomorrow live is very much about creating a communication. It's not us who make the show. We want to interact with the people; we're trying to bring a feeling across. And that just works much better if you're able to look people in the eyes and speak with them. On the other hand, I have to admit; it's fucking awesome to be able to reach so many people at one time at big festivals. It's really a challenge to try and still reach out to people the way you do in a small club when there's a three-meter high stage and a four-meter barrier. It's a whole different approach on a big festival, it doesn't feel like you're playing for all these different people anymore, it's more like they have all changed into one big entity. And if you get the feeling you broke down a wall and reached the entity while you're walking of stage; that's pretty impressive.


[b]6) Face Tomorrow played on quite a few well-known festivals and you toured with great bands like AFI. It seems that you've seen a lot of Europe and it's getting better and better. Do you guys secretly dream about a US-tour, or is that too far-fetched? [/b]

Not even secretly haha. Yeah, it would be awesome if we could go to the US with Face Tomorrow. I've never been out of Europe before and it would be great if this band would give us the possibility to see even the other side of the world. If it weren't for Face Tomorrow I definitely wouldn't have seen as much of Europe as I have now. (Or even The Netherlands for that matter) But; we hope to be able to license the record to a US label which is able to get us a tour there. That's just something we got to work on the upcoming weeks and keep our fingers crossed.

[b]7) On May 11th your new album "The closer you get" will hit the stores. How did the recordings go? [/b]

The recordings went really really smooth. We planned to do it in five weeks and we were in time for all deadlines. Just a month or two before we were going into the studio our new bassplayer Tijs joined the band. So I was a bit nervous about how he would fit in, how writing new songs would work out and how he would do in the studio. But it's been awesome, he's a great guy and an amazing musician who worked in the studio like it was something he had been doing for years, putting all his music down in one take (although this was his first time).
We asked Axel Kabboord from This Beautiful Mess and The Spirit that Guides Us to produce the record. And it's been awesome working with him and Martijn from the Mailmen Studio.

[b]8 ) Are you totally satisfied with the result?[/b]

Yeah, I really am. I think every record a band releases is like a photograph or something of where the band is at that moment in time. And I believe our photograph is really good; it has atmosphere, it's sharp, has nice contrast etc. We're still developing every day as musicians and songwriters so maybe in a year or two we'll look back at this album and wonder what the hell we were thinking, but at this moment in time, with the available facilities, the time we had and the songs we have I don't think we could have made a better album.

[b]9) The new single "Sign Up" just made its way into this world. What's it exactly about and what are the reactions so far?[/b]

"Sign Up" maybe sounds a bit misleading. The song deals with growing up. As soon as you're able to hit the 'real world' and find out who you exactly are, people try to shape your life for you. From all directions you hear them shouting "sign up for this", do that, come here, go there! So it's a song about the discovery of your life, about the choices you make and about staying true to your real self.

[b]10) Now tell everybody out there in 3 sentences why they have to buy your new album "The closer you get". [/b]

Now I can't really do that after the explanation I just gave for "Sign Up" right?
So just download a song or two from our site and figure out yourself if you want to help us out.

[b]Thanks for your time and good luck in the future![/b]

Thanks so much for the interview! Take care, Marc

Interview by Boek