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WE - Some short questions for a great band!
After reviewing their fantastic album Tension & Release, it was time to get to know these chaps a little better!

For those who never heard of WE, please introduce yourself to our readers.

'WE is a cosmic biker rock band from Oslo Norway. Inspired by bands like Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Hawkwind and anything groovy and rocking'

How can you best describe your music and is there a band you would like to compare your music to ?

'WE like to play what WE like. Like Led Zeppelin once said "the formula is that there is no formula..."

How long did it take to make Tension & Release?

'It took a few months of writing and then a few months of recording and mixing. Everything was done in WE's own studio Hangaroundsounds in Oslo.'

Where did the inspiration for the album come from?

'The inspiration for Tension & Release comes from life and space, both inner and outer life and space.'

Where does the name for the album come from?

'It comes from the perpetual fight between the elements. There's always tension and then (hopefully) release.'

What gear do you guys use? (Amps, drumkit, guitars)

'WE play guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals. The name of the gear is irrelevant as long as it sounds good.'

What bands did you grow up with?

'WE grew up with bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Hawkwind and Stones. But also bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, King's X and Masters Of Reality.'

What bands are you really into now?

'Any band that's good. Keep an open mind and great things will occur.'

What is your all-time favourite album?

'My own personal favourite is the New Orleans legend Dr. John's album Babylon released on Atco in 1969. This album has got everything. Strongly recommended!'

What record is in your collection, that you are almost too emberassed to tell anyone about?

'I am never embarassed by the albums I've got. I am only embarassed by the albums I didn't buy, when I had the chance...'

Top 5 bands/albums our readers should have at home?

1: Dr. John: Babylon 1969
2: Little Feat: Feats don't fail me now 1974
3: Hawkwind: Space ritual 1973
4:  Led Zeppelin: Physical Grafitti 1975
5: Masters Of reality: Sunrise on the sufferbus 1992

Which country or festival is special for you guys to play?

'Any country and festival that will have WE to play is special for us. Every gig counts.'

Where will you be touring in the future?

'There's no touring plans for WE at the moment. WE will let you know...'

What's the weirdest thing you would ever put on your tour-rider?

'WE only have good things on our rider. WE like to have a good time. Weird is in the eye of the beholder.'

What does the future hold for WE, music-wise ?

'WE must see what happens. To make as good rock 'n' roll as possible. That has always been WE's motto.'

Anything you guys want to add?

'Rock 'n' roll will never die. Buy WE's Tension & Release and learn the truth... Cheers'

Details Written on 2009-01-16
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #WE