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WE - Tension&Release
Norway. Country of fine women and...Well basically it's filled with fine women and that's reason enough to love it. Another reason to love it, not mine, is viking metal. My musical reason to love Norway is a band I did not know before, called WE. I already liked the clothingstore, which carries the same name, but this band is even better!

Tension & Release is their latest album, and people...dare I say it....if it wasn't for The Mars Volta and Face Tomorrow, this would be the album of the year. Now they have to settle for the bronze medal, which is no shame at all!

The album starts of with 'Lotus Rising (The Emotional Minefields)', which has a ring to it I can't really explain actually. Just like songs such as 'Thorns' and 'Post Millenium Tension Blues', it reminds of one of my favourite album ever which is ironically called The Album Of The Year by Faith No More. There are no specials on this album like an amazing drummer or phenomanol guitarists, but the overall sound of this band is just fantastic!

Apparantly this is their third album! So check it out, and check the first two out as well! Too bad in the version I got, 'No Ends' actually ENDS abrubtly after a minute or so. Not sure if this was meant to be, but still...Great fucking album!
WE - Tension&Release
94/1001Details Nun Music
Released on Thursday Dec 25th, 2008

Writer @LondonCustoms on Thursday Dec 25th, 2008

Tags: #WE
Tracklisting 01. Lotus Rising (The Emotional Minefields)
02. Free Behind Bars
03. That's Why (You're So Fine)
04. For Love, For Life
05. Popuhl Vuh
06. Appreciation
07. Hurdy Gurdy
08. Post Millenium Tension Blues
09. Thorns
10. No End
11. Freaks In The Streets
Line up 5 very talented Norwegians.
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