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Day four: Brittish Invasion (A serious lack of metal)

Hello again! This is Lex again, coming to you live and direct from the country of indefinable slabs of meat and wacky words full of accent et gu's. With - once again, like we started off this little adventure - precious little to report about. 'Cause if day 3 was the most metal orientated of the festival so far, day 4 was most definitely the most metal deprived.

Let's see.. what did we see? Erm. Erm. Erm.

Well, let's talk about the British Invasion that was keeping the main stage in a choke hold. Which started off with a three piece rock band The Subways including quite a hot lady on guitar and a neat attitude. Shame the group hasn't really got enough song material to make a festival appearance memorable, but the enthusiasm managed to keep the gig interesting or at least fun to watch.

Of course the Editors are less metaaaaaaaallll than anything, but as you may know their music is dark, depressed and provides an excellent soundtrack to slit your wrists to, which is in turn very metal. (Of course it isn't, but hey, we gotta talk about something here, right?). Anyway shoot me if you may like to, but I love this band. Even in the skin melting sun these guys pulled of a dark and melancholic atmosphere in the midst of drunk Germans and hamburger trays. And I will go on the stand to attest this. The Editors are awesome.

The Klaxons aren't. Friggin douche bags.

It was about the time the fore mentioned bags du douche were RAPING our ears with their awful music that we first realized something quite sad. There are no local bands on the main stage. Not a single Hungarian group. If you ask me, it's a fucking tragedy. Whilst chatting to Greg from the Hungarian alt metal band Blind Myself earlier on we started to get a grasp of the demonic and unstoppable dehungarysation of this nation's biggest festival.
80% of the visitors this year are foreigners. And besides the sad fact that probably 25% of them are French Hippies (die!) and 25% annoying Dutch fuck faces who are among the rudest and most arrogant pricks in the world (we should know ;)), it's a small punch in the face of the Hungarian music scene. I don't get it. If 80% of the visitors are foreigners, why not put Anima Soundsystem up on the main stage and let those people take that band back home with them. You wanna know why? You know why.

Anyway. With the lack of metaaalll we got 'our drinks on' again and with the exception of Buzzin Hornet and myself the metalragers decided to keep that pace going all through the headlining gig of Placebo. Once again not very metal, but I guess there's enough of you who - like me - really enjoy the band's music so why not review it instead of boring you with stories about raping and lynching French hippies and turning their assholes inside out. Right?
This is the first time Placebo's playing with a full stage band including second guitarist and additional instruments. Something that works out great, as the live sound has really gone a step further in the world of bombastic rock that the band has been destined to be since their debut in 1996. It also supports their latest album 'Battle For the Sun', which has some richer compositions than their previous work. Speaking of that last album, maybe playing six or seven songs from that album was a bit overkill. The et list soon went lob sided and with the lack of hits it was more of an artistic effort than a festival headliner show. Depending on what you were looking for last night that means either it kinda sucked or it was kinda cool.

Enough about Placebo, this is a metal website, right? And I've got some good news for ye: tomorrow is gonna be the day. Faith No More, Life of Agony, Turbo Negro and hell, The Offspring, why not. I'm heading back to the V.I.P. lounge to fuck absolutely not one of the women there. Later!

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Details Written on Thursday Aug 13th, 2009
Writer @Lex

Tags: #sziget 2009