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Day three: Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért
What would a festival be without a day of rain? It was to be expected that the third day of Sziget'09 kicked off with a drizzle. No big deal, it was a welcome change from the heat of the past few days in Budapest. Now, I've promised my Doctor I'd stop ranting about stupid ass hippies and their fucking juggling, so we'll just focus on the music. A bit. A tad. A dabble. A fuckhippiesintheassfuckemhardfuckem fuck em die! Pardonner Moi.

Yesterday was - speak of a welcome change - the most metal orientated so far. And judging on my major fucking hangover and the shriveled piece of leather that was once my face, it must have been quite a good night. Faint memories of throwing beers at a French dickweed dancing to Manu Chao songs come to mind. So do many 'let's call this round of beer our last for tonight' outings. Same goes for shouting, grunting and banging to Guano Apes (I know). Result: if you'd hook me up to an ECG monitor right now, the line on the screen would be so flat you'd be able to play pool on it. Fuck, I can hardly even focus my eyes on the keyboard, but damn the torpedo's, here we go:

Kicking off the main stage was Australian TV-commercial rockers Jet. Nothing too much to mention about that, really. It's the thing we've all seen at festival: a field of people waiting for 'the hit', in this case 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'. The rest of the songs were tolerable, but hardly worthy of raising an eyebrow. As you'd expect, yes.

One of the running gags amongst the Metalrage crew during the past six years we've been coming at Sziget is saying 'we have GOT to see the Anselmo Crew. Expecting anything even remotely related to Pantera's uncle Phil? Well, we actually did GO this year, and what a turnoff. Lame hip-hop. Damn.

This disappointment left us with only one option. Drinking beer and shouting 'vagina' a bunch of times. As Buzz pointed out yesterday, Sziget stopped serving our favorite Hungarian beer brand; Arany Aszok, which is quite a shame. Dreher, man, it's just not the same. Hence the shouting of genitalia.

During the vaginal slogan exclamation, we decided to check out the band that was playing so damned loud in the background. Which turned out to be the local band Bridge To Solace. With a nifty balance between hardcore and metalcore quite an amusing matinee. But please, singer dude, less talking more playing! You're in a band not a talk show. (Lex)

The Hungarian math metallers of Blind Myself are known for their energetic set. The first thing we noticed was the big line up change in the band. In the past couple of years all band members except vocalist Greg got renewed. Once again we were wondering where all those talented musicians in Hungary come from. The band played a set which consisted out of a nice mix between old and new stuff. Especially the new Hungarian songs are unknown to us and the band dedicated the song with the longest Hungarian title to all the Dutch people present. The title of that song is Megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért , and I am not shitting you on that one. Besides the new songs the band luckily also played several classics (for us they are) including Worst Case Scenario,Go Get A Life and they even had Zoli Teglas (Ignite) with them on stage to perform the song Lost in Time. It was a short 45 minute powerful show. (Buzzin Hornet)

Right after Blind Myself it was time for Superbutt to enter the stage. These guys are one of the reasons can even be at the festival since 2004 and we are always happy to see them perform again. Strange enough also Superbutt changed all members in the band with really good new guys. But even though they still rock like hell and they are a great warm up on almost every crowd. From the first second the band manage to get almost everybody moving in the crowd. The stylist included songs from their English albums Black Soup, The Unbeatable Eleven but also from their newer Hungarian material. Fronted by the charismatic singer Andras Voros this is one of the better Hungarian metal acts out there. (Buzzin Hornet)

By the time the bad ass Heffes of Brujeria climbed the stage the Metalrage crew was overall semi fucked up stupid ass drunk, which added to the fun of seeing this brutal pack of assassinos riling up the crowd and destroying the place with their powerful death metal cabaret. Dressed in stylish bandito scarfs around the face and armed with an attitude to kill it turned out to be the appropriate headliner of the evening. One minor problemo: the guys left early and without an encore. But hey, what are you gonna do when a gringo decides to get a tequilla? (Lex)

As we're sitting here and writing this article for you the weather has gone scorching hot again, and the spirits are getting low (in terms of alcohol consumption). Which means we're out of here bitches. We's going to kills us some hippies. Later!
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Details Written on Thursday Aug 13th, 2009
Writer @Lex

Tags: #sziget 2009