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Day two: Day of the Living Hippies (Misanthropy and Dreher)
Day two arrived. As the blistering morning sun drifted us out of our tents we moved south towards the eating area near the main stage and drink some beer. Whilst pouring Dreher down our throats (and in some cases our necks as well) we contemplated what we'd be doing that day. Because, as mentioned before, our favorite genre was poorly represented, and therefor watching Satyricon burn down the Headbanger's Ball Stage remained our soul purpose for the day.

Which basically meant drinking - once again - a fuck load of beer and assorted poison to cope with all the fucking hippies at the festival. 'Cause I gotta tell you folks, and I have to get this off my chest, these fucknuts are getting on my nerves, and it's getting worse by the minute. That's not to say we're not enjoying ourselves; quite the contrary. In fact - and I think I speak not just for myself but my fellow Metalrage editors as well - there is a certain satisfaction to be gained from watching a smelly dreadlocked French douche bag juggling some fluorescent sticks in the air, and just HATING THE FUCK OUT OF HIM. God. What the fuck is their problem? Why do these ASSHOLES always trot in your way, why do they always come in groups and my major concern: how and why is it that these crusted anti-capitalist Che Guevara no brains are multiplying by the hour? Get out of my way, get off the festival and go squat for peace somewhere, you fucking limp dicked smell-o-trons. Fuck.

Speaking of limp dicks - and don't worry, we'll get to Satyricon soon - I wish I could put in to words what was going through my heads whilst watching the Ting Tings. Cause that has simply got to be the very worst fake ass over-hyped bull-crap I ever have had the misfortune to lay my ears upon. The drummer's a hack, the chick singer is a fucking waste of cum and the music is plastic as fuck. Watching the fucking retards in front of the stage made me realize that if this dumb shit gets people jumping up and down 'just cause it's hip', putting on a record and waving your arms in the air would most likely do the trick.

Which brings me to Fatboy Slim.. No, fuck it.

With all the spite that is just oozing out of my fingers right now it might be hard to believe that I actually enjoyed Die Toten Hosen. Well 'enjoyed' is maybe overdoing it, but I have to be positive about some things according to my Doctor, otherwise I will never lose my virginity. So here it is: I watched Die Toten Hosen (The Dead Pants) and it didn't suck too much. In fact, and in all honesty, these guys have been around for eons now, and have perfected their party punk to the limit. The fact that it's not my genre aside, I have to admit that the show is a professional one, and the enthusiasm nearly made me crack a smile. All prejudices down the toilet please, these Hosen are alright.

Anyway, like I said: no worries. Misanthropy is a passion of mine that I cherish. So without further ado let's skip to the juicy stuff. The Satyricon gig, about which Buzzin Hornet will tell you all, since I'm losing the urge to poke out my eyeballs , shouting 'Die! Die! Die! Hippie! Die!'. Take it away, Buzz.

Before I start writing about Satyricon I have to write a little piece about the Hungarian nu metal act Subscribe. These guys are one of those Hungarian acts always playing the festival and are quite good entertainers. Today the band played a lot of their more recent work which is not well known by the crew. Subscribe is known for their energetic set in which they keep jumping around. During the set their cabling becomes one big knot which results in the band having to stand closer to each other. Good show, entertaining as fuck.

And then it was time for the soul purpose of the day, Satyricon. I think we can easily say Satyricon is the loudest band on the festival this year and with the tent being half full it became horribly clear to us the metal heads are no longer at Sziget. But still the band played one of the best shows I have seen of them so far. They had a hard start due to some sound problems and because there is a sound limit if you play after 11pm. But still they managed to get all the crew members present moving. Even our good friend and editor Siem was present and being a hippie it was great to hear him say 'he could feel the hatred in men!'. The set included songs like KING, My Skin Is Cold and Commando and also some older stuff with which I am not really familiar with. Overall a great show which blew all of us away!

And people, sorry for Lex his behaviour. He simply cannot handle the brand of beer this year. We all miss Arany Aszok but it is getting out of hand with him. Please forgive him! AND FUCK THE HIPPIES!
(Buzzin Hornet)

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Details Written on Thursday Aug 13th, 2009
Writer @Lex

Tags: #sziget 2009