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Sziget 2009 - Back in Hungary once again
Hey there faithful home struck reader. This is Lex speaking to you on behalf of my fellow Sziget attendees Buzzin Hornet, Carn and Gilles. So here we are again. Good ol' Budapest where the beer is cheap and plenty and hell, there might even be some bands. Even though the departure of the Hammerworld Stage (the metal area) was quite a concern, we decided to go once again. The motivation? We love this festival, with it's low prices and it's typical atmosphere.

The mixture of cool people and annoying as FUCK hippies is like nothing else we've ever seen, not in our lifetimes of wasting substantial amounts of cash on festivals all over Europe. So when it was announced that the mighty Faith No More were going to be the headliner of the event it was an easy decision: here we go again. And so we did, and here we are: live from the festival grounds. Because we love our readers (you know we do, right bros?), because we love being pseudo important pricks who hang out in backstage press areas, and well frankly it's kind of raining right now.

Anyhow, this being the second day of the five day festival, I'd think would be appropriate to talk about the day that's behind us. And that's kind of a problem since, well, erm, we kind of got fucked up drunk before the day really began. Which meant we didn't really do serious journalism. But I guess that's 'the way we roll', so that shouldn't really come as a surprise. The other mentionable problem is the fact that Day 1 didn't offer any Metaaaal at all. There was some rock shit going on, but besides the fact that Buzz checked out Backyard Babies it's quite unworthy of mentioning. Fuck, I even checked out Snow Patrol. And enjoyed it. So sue me.

What did happen? Well, us serious journalist type folks, we got us a half a liter of wine and made dick-n-fart jokes whilst listening to a really, really crappy Hungarian dude trying to karaoke his ass through 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. And of course, we openly expressed our semi psychotic rage / annoyance towards the ever expanding tumor within the festival world that is called 'The French Hippies'. A furthermore not to be mentioned Metalrage editor at one point during the night got in to an argument with a wack ass moron in a night gown (like what the fuck, indeed) when the douche bag in question didn't appreciate the water the editor was throwing at him. He was been heralded as a true Metalrage Hero ever since, as we all know: all hippies must die. Of AIDS. In a fucking septic tank full of cockroaches. In a Afghan slum. Fuck 'em! Fuck 'em hard.

Right, sorry about that. But apart from the psychotic rage / annoyance (which we actually do enjoy as you might imagine) it's been a night of hard work (haha!) and loads of alcohol. And since that sounds so awesome I shall not reveal the fact that Buzz and myself retired to our tents at about 11.30 PM. Guess what I'm trying to say is: we're back in Budapest for loads of alcohol, Faith No More, Hungarian Kiss cover bands and besides that there's Satyricon to look forward tonight. More stories on cheap wine, fart jokes and those good damn fucking hippies shall follow throughout the following four days. Fuck, we might even checkout some other bands! Kurva, bitches. See you tomorrow.
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Details Written on Thursday Aug 13th, 2009
Writer @Lex

Tags: #sziget 2009