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Rose Kemp, Toner Low - The unholy majestic mistress for only a handfull of people!
After the very impressive gig in the Batcave on the last Roadburn festival, I was very pleased to hear that Rose Kemp did a small tour through our country. In fact this was a small warming up tour of 4 gigs, before she and her band went off to tour with Porcupine Tree in Germany.

Before the folk-doom mistress entered the stage, the Dutch psychedelic Stoner/Doom band Toner Low was here to warm up the crowd. This band has put out two amazing albums, but until now I didn’t have the chance to see them live. Musically the first band that came in mind is Ufomammut. Toner Low is almost on the same path as this Italian band, very heavy down tuned Stoner/Doom with a highly psychedelic influence and aspect into the music. The visual aspect of this band is also of a great importance. The background is filled with colors and shapes constantly changing, like you are in one big LSD trip. The riffs came down on us in a mountain high volume, luckily I had earplugs! Great show, by a great Dutch band, that really fits the Roadburn package.

First off, I can’t really figure it out why this show was attended by only 30 people (from what I heard all Dutch shows where like this). The lack of people showing up, gave this show already a shitty vibe, because the W2 easily fits 400/500 people. Off course it was obvious that the band showed a bit disappointed. Nonetheless they performed very well! For me personally it was a surprising show, because she played a lot of new songs from the upcoming album and only a handful of songs from the brilliant Unholy Majesty album. Musically Rose Kemp and her band make music, like nobody else. It’s definitely heavily linked with Doom, but it is also dark, atmospheric singer-songwriter or even sinister folk music. The best weapon of Rose Kemp though, is definitely her vocals. The way she uses and manipulates her voice is just wonderful, it’s pure magic. From serene elf-vocals, till majestically opera alike singing, till harsh screaming, she does it all… She is backed up by a great band, consisting out of a drummer and bass-player, which lead her perfectly, but also give her all the room to shine with her singing and crunching out the doom-riffs. Slightly disappointing show, because of the turn-up, but musically again a great show by this phenomenon.
Details Written on Friday Nov 6th, 2009
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Rose Kemp #Toner Low
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