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Therapy? - 90's rock still alive!
Therapy? We all know, and in some cases, love this punk/rockband hailing from Ireland, which had its biggest moments back in the 'Troublegum' era back in the nineties. Recently they released 'Crooked Timber' and to increase sales on this lovely record and off course to entertain us fans, Therapy? visited 013 in Tilburg for a night of rock 'n' roll!

Warming up the crowd was Ricky Warwick. It seems they took him from their local pub to warm up crowds on their tour, but somehow 013 seems to be too big a venue for this type of show. Very amusing nonetheless. Ricky played some nice rocksongs hammering away on his acooustic guitar.

Then the main act came to the stage and proved that they're still a high class band, able to rock like they did back i the day. Playin' old and new songs, Therapy? attempted to please all kinds off fans that the crowd had to offer (mostly older fans were there though). The crowd however wasn't an easy one, the venue was probably half full and there was a lot of space in front of the stage, which could leave a lot of bands unsatisfied and bored. Not this one though, they seemd to be having fun all the way through! The crowd only got into it during classics like 'Teethgrinder' and a rocking version of 'Diane' (they played 'Blinded By The Lights' by The Streets as an intro to this one).

Sound was good, songs were good and especially the drummer was really good! The man knows his stuff. However, because the venue was a bit too big, the atmosphere just wasn't really there. Therapy? is a band for the smaller venues, that's for sure. The music was still very good though!!
Details Written on Monday Nov 23rd, 2009
Writer @LondonCustoms

Tags: #Therapy?