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Triggerfinger, Drive Like Maria, Navel - A Belgium band, that beats any U.S. band!

(Triggerfinger / Pic.: Lindsy Bouten)

After the absolute brilliant show of the Belgium band Triggerfinger, we decided to see them again as quickly as possible in a club show. So we got in our car on this cold Saturday-night to go to the Tivoli in Utrecht and witness Triggerfinger together with Drive Like Maria and Navel in one package.

First band that opened this Converse sponsored club-tour, was the band Navel from Switzerland. From what I understood, they are one of the latest alternative signings of Roadrunner Records. The show started of pretty bad, because of a very loud bass sound. Later on the sound got better and it was quite enjoyable to listen to. Musically this band is somehow a bit in the stoner/grunge corner. I hear elements of The Vines, Soundgarden and perhaps even Sonic Youth. It was a good way for Navel to present themselves for the Dutch crowd, because this show was totally sold out. A pretty enjoyable band, but nothing really special.
Drive Like Maria
Drive Like Maria is one of the newer bands out of Holland/Belgium, which gets loads of attention at this moment. They play a lot of shows, including big support-act opening gigs for the likes of AC/DC and also national feedback on television. They recently released their debut album called Elmwood and the alternative press picked up this record pretty good, so it was no surprise that a lot of people also came to see this band tonight. Just a few days before this show, their drummer/singer Bjorn had an accident and broke a few ribs. Instead of bailing out on these gigs, they asked an American friend to help out. The first 2/3 songs Bjorn himself was behind the drum-kit, but after these 2/3 songs their American friend took over. Bjorn switched placed from behind the drum-kit, to the front of the stage, where he played an extra guitar and did his vocal duties. Why not stick with this line-up? It’s always better to have an upfront vocalist, than one hiding behind a drum-kit. Anyway, the show was a pretty good one. They played almost every song of their album Elmwood and they got the crowd pretty much moving already. Especially with the song ‘I’m On A Train’, which had some airplay on national radio; the crowd started moving and singing along. Good, decent show, from this retro/stoner-rock band! I think we can expect a lot more from this talented band in the future.
From the very first moment, that Triggerfinger came up on stage to do their line-check themselves, it was pretty clear that almost everyone came to see this band! A huge applauding audience is what they got! I personally was really surprised this show was totally sold out, but then again it makes clear that Triggerfinger is the brilliant live band everyone is telling you! Last year they played in Utrecht for only a few hundred people, but tonight they sold out Tivoli in an instant! The show started off with a new song, so it started a little slow, but when the intro riff kicked in from the second song ‘Inner Peace’ they blew off the roof of Tivoli! After seeing them on Speedfest I was curious if they could emotionally move me again. And I can tell you, they did! This band is just the perfect horny sounding retro/stoner-rock band with hints of blues and pop music, with a lot of good songs. Again they succeeded in moving me and sending shivers down my spine, this band knows how to pull the right strings and looking into the crowd I wasn’t the only one. Tivoli was on fire, especially when they play public favorites like ‘First Taste’, that was sung by the audience together with the band. Also songs like ‘On My Knees’ and ‘Camaro’ from the first album, got an amazing respond out of the audience. In the end of the regular set, Ruben even climbed the speakers to play some songs and solos for the people on the balcony. Triggerfinger is by far one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a long, long time! After the regular set, they got back for two more encores, which included a brilliant cover version of Eurythmics ‘Sweet Dreams’! Brilliant, unexpected and original executed cover-version. Mario their drummer, functioned as a human-beat box, backed up by their bass-player hitting a hi-hat on an empty crate of beer and off course Ruben on guitar and vocals. Great cover version, which took a big part of the crowd back to their youth! Awesome live-band, which I can advice everyone to check out if they play near your hometown.