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Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators - Axl who...?
Slash has always been my childhood hero. Ever since Guns n’ Roses’s performance on the Freddy Mercury tribute show I got hooked on the metal music that I still love this day. You even could say that their cover of Bob Dylan’s ‘Knockin On Heavens’ door gave me a purpose in life. So when the show of Slash had was announced in the 013 in Tilburg I just had to be there.
Sadly enough there was some issues with the guestlist which resulted in missing the first act for me. But luckily for me it The Jacks didn’t make much of an impression on the people present. At least that’s what some guys said to me and since I watched The Jacks perform before I’m willing to believe their statement.
Okay over to Slash featuring Myles Kennedy And The Conspirators. Sadly enough I also had to miss the start of the show because of the guestlist issues but when I entered the venue it was pretty obvious it would be difficult to find a descent spot. Especially with my awesome length. Eventuelly I ended up on the balcony and the first couple of things I noticed was the great sound, even in top of the venue and the huge amount of people. It was packed, and with packed I mean stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey.
Luckily for me I had only missed the song ‘Halo’ when the first beer of the evening was pouring down my throat. With ‘Mean Bone’ from Snakepit and ‘Nighttrain’ from Guns ‘n Roses it was pretty obvious that the master himself put down a nice cross section of his repertoire. This could only mean that backed by his Conspirators it could be one awesome night. Especially with the almighty Myles Kennedy on vocals. That guy is not only an awesome vocalist he’s also a really good performer. The interaction between Slash and Myles Kennedy is one of the best I ever saw. Okay I have to admit that I was never able to see the duo’s like Mercury and May, Plant and Page, Jagger and Richards but still I think that it’s one of the best duo’s that perform on stage these days. During the songs they gave each other the right amount of attention and are never afraid to give up their spot in the spotlight.
But during ‘You’re Crazy’ and ‘Dr Alibi’ it’s obvious it’s not only a Myles and Slash show since bassplayer Todd Kerns is granted a spot in the spotlights. Indeed he takes the mic during these two songs and he does it with verve. After this Myles takes the stage again and shows why he is one of the best frontmen in the current day of rock music. He makes you forget an Axl Rose or Scott Weiland. Indeed even the songs from Velvet Revolver are on the setlist.
As for the audience it’s quite simple they have the evening of their lives. Every song that is played and every solo that slash pulls out of his sleeve is being received as a great gift. Even when the solo is a bit sloppy or a bit out of tone. The people are here because they expect a good night of rock and that’s exactly what they’ve got. After more than an hour and a half the guys have one slight moment of rest when Slash performs his solo of the Godfather Theme. It’s been received with great enthusiasm with the fans and it’s on with the hits ‘Sweet Child O’Mine’ and ‘Slither’. I still question myself why this song is that high upon the set list but who am I to wonder. During the encore Todd Kerns is granted the mic once again when he performs Guns ‘N Roses’s ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ and Myles takes the set home with ‘Paradise City’.
Of course one can question themselves if the shadow of Guns ‘n Roses lies upon Slash or not since those songs are always the last to play on the set. It are indeed the most memorable songs the band ever had but still with his recent work has Slash a descent right to perform. A thing that I can only question with that other band he once was in…

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