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Metallica - Korn and Slipknot



Monday 21st, MetallicA visited Holland's national capital Amsterdam to play in the Amsterdam Arena, joined by Slipknot and KoRn as support acts. Although it wasn't a weekend's day and summer holidays hadn't started yet, it already was pretty crowded when I arrived at 1 PM. The queues for the seats were still empty, but for the arena tickets people already queued up, enjoying the sun and the drinks they brought along. At 4.30 PM the gates opened and everyone rushed inside to be sure to get in the pit, where there was limited access.

Thanks to a friend of mine I had 'reserved' spots front row, right in front of the percussion kit of Slipknot's clown, a location where I knew would later stand one of MetallicA's microphones.

After a short wait in the burning sun (the stadium acting as a greenhouse, since the roof was closed) Slipknot kicked off with '(sic)'. Slipknot's performance was high-energy. People that hadn't seen Slipknot before openly wondered about the use of having 2 percussionists, a DJ and a sampler along a five piece band. But the combined energy of these 9 freaks explains the combination and leaves no doubts of the usefulness of these unconventional members. Slipknot's short 40 minute set consisted of both old and new tracks of their new album 'Volume 3: The subliminal verses' and their two succesfull predecessors Iowa and the '99 'debut' with their selftitled album. 'Spit it out' once again featured the part where everyone had to sit down and jump up at Corey's command. Although this is very energetic, it's really getting a bit cheesy doing this for the 4th time on Dutch territory since their Dynamo 2000 show. A big compliment goes out to their new masks that look really awesome. Aspecially Sid's mask (a skull first covered by a human 'skin), which made a German girl (early twenties) cry in terror at their Gelsenkirchen show on June 10th.

Slipknot's set:



The Blister Exists




Heretic Anthem

Spit it out

Wait and Bleed

People = Shit




Review by Jaymz


Korn - Are you readddyyy?!?!

Finally! I got to see KoRn! Although the wetter wasn't that good, there was nothing to worry about because the roof of the stadium was closed.

After a nice start from Slipknot and a little break to build up the KoRn-set, KoRn hit the stage. Jon, Munky, Head, Fieldy and David were ready to kick some ass. Unfortunately they had to do that in daylight but as soon as they started to play I forgot about that problem.

KoRn started with the first single from their most recent album 'Take a look in the Mirror'; 'Right Now'. This song was followed right after by 'Break Some Off'.

Fortunately for KoRn the crowd was a bit warmed up by Slipknot and although the bigger part of the audience obviously came for Metallica, it seemed to me that there were quite a few people who were really enthusiastic during the KoRn gig.

Singer Jonathan stood, like he always does, behind his 'naked girl microphone standard', and made his typical Jonathan Davis moves. Bassist Fieldy played like only a few other people can and that's why I was very pleased to see him do his thing.

Fortunately the sound had become better after the Slipknot gig and KoRn presented us their most famous songs like 'Falling Away From Me', 'Blind', 'Somebody Someone', 'Freak on a Leash', 'Got the Life', 'Here to Stay' and of course 'Shoots and Ladders', which was started with a very nice intro from Jon on his bagpipes.

During the intro for 'Ya'll want a Single' I was happy to notice the good interaction between band and crowd; when singer Jon gave a sign to the crowd they al shouted 'Fuck that!' This was a cool thing to hear. And after a few shouts, KoRn started to play.

When KoRn got off the stage after a way to short set, I realised this concert was already worth my money and then Metallica still had to come, what an awesome day!


Review by BoEk



Then it was time for the band every one was waiting for, the mighty MetallicA! The four video screens showed some footage from the documentary 'Some Kind Of Monster' that is currently shown at film festivals and some exclusive cinema's around the world. After the AC/DC 'It's a long way to the top (if you wanna rock 'n' roll)' intro, every true fan knew that soon after, the well known intro 'Ecstacy of gold' intro would start accompanied with the 'The Good, the bad and the ugly' movie scene. One more intro to go... the intro of Blackened roared through the speakers and the crowd got into action. Lars appeared behind his drumkit holding his drink, the others joined in and a second later 'Blackened' was riffing at full speed. Fuel was next, huge flame's heated the crowd even more and the song was played at a ridiculous high speed. With 'Leper Messiah' the crowd got treated with a special one, since this song isn't played that often live. It's live even heavier than on the album, headbanging all the way, this song is what metal is all about. Frantic, from the new album, was another full speed fury with even some Hetfield dramatics...  playing guitar while sitting on his knees at the front of the stage. Next up was a song that was almost thought to be the first track and first single of the black album, but never made it that far. As strange as it may sound, 'Holier than thou' hasn't been played that often. Also from the black album is 'Wherever I May Roam', again a perfect song for headbanging and live always a real grinder. The new album's title track really showed that MetallicA now have got together on the new material as well. While the new songs sounded a little dubious on their 2003 summer tour, nowadays these newbies' timing is just as tight as the older material. After 'Sad But True' it was time for one of my personal favourites: 'Creeping Death'. The song started out with Lars' son Layne helping daddy on drums and during the 'Die die die' sing-along part, James was able to squeeze the last breath out of everyone in the crowd. During 'Blackened' something appeared to be wrong with the pyro's. Not that there were any accidents, but the pyro's didn't go off. After a short break, the four horsemen came back for the first encore. They started out with another special treat (boy were we lucky!): 'No Leaf Clover'. This song from S&M sounds really solid without the Symphony, you won't miss it for a second. I had seen them play this song on a video of their June 4th show in Portugal and was really looking forward to seeing them play it live. 'Nothing else matters' was next, hundreds of lighters lit the arena.

Then some classics, 'Master of puppets' (fortunately played in its full version nowadays), 'One' (the fireworks were really deafening, I've seen MetallicA many times from the front row... but the fireworks on this summer 2004 tour are louder than ever!!) and Enter Sandman. MetallicA threw some picks and sticks after this, but had one more encore to go! For the first time ever, 'Dyers Eve' was played at this year's LA show and was played a couple of times since that. I doubted if they would play it in Holland too, since they already played it at the previous show in Zaragoza. But miracles do happen, when they announced it, the fans got nuts! This song is fast, brutal and knows no remorse. Kirk hammered out the solo flawless and Lars was also up to speed on drums. After the crowd hardly knew what hit 'em, 'Seek & Destroy' already started. And so ended another world-class MetallicA show on Dutch soil, three Dutch shows in a year... how wonderful can life be?


Leper Messiah
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Holier Than Thou
Wherever I May Roam
St. Anger
Sad But True
Creeping Death
No Leaf Clover
Nothing Else Matters
Master of Puppets
Enter Sandman


Review by Jaymz


Pictures by SickO � 2004