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Metallica - St Anger
It was an honour to wait for the official release date. The 6th of June was marked in my agenda and finally I�m the owner of the new Metallica record St Anger, including a DVD with a Studio take on it. I�ve heard some sound clips of songs before the release date but it sounded not very interesting. Let�s see what the gentlemen of Metallica have made from it. [img][/img] The record starts with Frantic, and the first thing I can mention is that the drum sound is very striking. This is a whole new kind of Metallica, the solos are gone and the vocals are very aggressive. The bass sound is overwhelming in comparison to earlier Metallica albums. The album was recorded with Bob Rock, although Rob Trujillo is the new bass player. Frantic finally explodes in a very fast drum/guitar riff and ends. St Anger is the next song, and here we can hear the huge improvement of Lars Ulrich, who now finally has complete control over his drum kit. Flying double bass fills, very groovy bass work and a sweet guitar riff. Metallica has driven true power in this song, with a greatly sang chorus. A very nice song, which lasts for almost 8 minutes. That�s another cool thing about the songs, the length. Almost all songs are far over 6 minutes. Some may think that�s too long, but I think good music can�t last long enough. Some Kind Of Monster is the third song, which sticks out because the Mission Impossible like intro, which is followed by a very strong and crushing guitar riff. At first thought the song sounds very messy, but when listened over and over again, I think this is one of the groovier songs on the album. On the included DVD James produces some extreme deep growls in this song, but not on the album itself, which I found strange. This is a good song for the shows because of the headbang level. Dirty Window starts with a strange introduction and then continues to kick ass. The drum sound on the whole album is quite strange because of the weird sound of the snare drums. Actually it isn�t a snare anymore, because the snares were removed for this album. The main riff of the song is very Rock & Roll like, which is striking. Just listen this song when you are on a party and drinking beer and having fun, and you�ll definitely like it The next song is a real hanging song. When you hear it, the lyrics keep swirling in your mind. Invisible Kid is a powerful song with rolling double bass work and a nice groove. This song is one of my favourites on the album because of the reasons given before. I just heard it once and already I could sang along when I heard it for the second time. James has put in his heart in this song and that�s heard. Funny thing is that Kirk Hammeth has a quite easy job because you�ll never hear a solo on this album, only pure bashing guitar work. My World is a song that leans heavily on the bass work and the menacing voice of James. It was quite funny to watch the DVD and to listen the album. There are some major differences in the playing style. The song breaks loose after a soft guitar part and continues with some long pushed vocals. The structure of the song is very cool because it is complex and easy at the same time. It sounds very easy, but when you�ll listen closely you�ll sense the hidden things in the song. With a very crushing chorus this is one of the better songs on St Anger. The next song is my absolute favourite because of the great bass intro, and the menacing riff that follows. The whole song is quite simple, but it just sounds very cool. If you like head banging, then this song will suit you fine. The chorus is a real attack and with the menacing lyrics it�s very provoking. Sweet Amber is a song that sounds very happy yet destructive. It�s a weird combination, but hey, it�s possible. When I heard the song one name came to my head. Danko Jones. The riffs in the song sound a bit like the style Danko Jones uses for his speedrock. I can appreciate this song. Heavy metal riffs with no tricks or other ornaments. The Unnamed Feeling is a typical Metallica song mixed with other influences because of the riff creation and the funny sound. It almost sounds new-metal. The song itself sounds a bit like the Unforgiven II, but just a bit harder. Purify is the 10th song on this so far excellent album. It starts fast and crushes into a nice following riff. The guitar play is quite simple and with the funny vocals this song is not so bad either. Just listen to the song and start moshing, as this song is a real cracker. The ending is just as you can expect from a heavy song, rolling double bass work, growls and screams and Metallica just kicks butts. All Within My Hands is the final song on St Anger. There is nothing really astonishing about this song, it just sounds nice. Nice working riffs, neat bass work and the drums are filling the gaps just as it has to be. The structure of the song is a bit ballad alike. But just when you are convinced it�s a ballad, Lars begins hitting his drums as if he will die if he doesn�t. A very strong ending song! Metallica have proven they have come back on track. Jason Newsted is the past, Robert Trujillo is the future. With the style Trujillo uses ( Fingers instead of a pick) Metallica have found a renewed Cliff Burton. For 13 years Metallica has used Picks for the bass, but now the bass sound has recovered its groovyness. The album may sound strange at first listening but when listened more times; you�ll possibly find yourself singing along with the songs. After a very shitty period Metallica have finally returned to the world of Metal again to kick some butts. With renewed energy they perform their live sets and I can foretell you all that it�ll kick ass. If you just watch the DVD you�ll come to the same conclusion as me. I have just one thing to say: Just buy the fucking album! Track List: 1: Frantic 2: St Anger 3: Some Kind Of Monster 4: Dirty Window 5: Invisible Kid 6: My World 7: Shoot Me Again 8: Sweet Amber 9: The Unnamed Feeling 10: Purify 11: All Within My Hands Line Up: Vocals/Guitars � James Hetfield Guitars/Backing Vocals � Kirk Hammeth Bass/Backing Vocals � Rob Trujillo Drums � Lars Ulrich
Metallica - St Anger
91/1001Details Elektra Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Metallica
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