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Dead Congregation / Soulburn / Zom / Impalement - Greek Death Metal combo is raging on a cold winter night
Snow and icy roads lead us to Baroeg in Rotterdam for the last Death Metal show of the year. It’s a killer one with Greek Dead Congregation, the re-ignited Soulburn (with Asphyx and Legion of the Damned members) and the Irish masters of swampy chaos Zom. Metalrage arrived late at the party so we missed the Dutch Death Metal hammer guys from Impalement.

The raunchy Death Metal punkheads from Zom are the first that arise from under their grave tombs to bring us chaotic and primitive Death Metal with a lot of Crustpunk influences. The sound is less massive and more punk than their first musical outputs. If you are used to those chaotic monstrous songs and didn’t hear the new album Flesh Assimilation you will agree the sound is a bit too thin and Punk. Whatever, with a lot of echo on the microphones these three filthy Irish men don’t give a fuck what you think, they are here to bring you stomping old school Death Metal with growling voices only the most filthy creatures will moan.

Next up is Soulburn who released the new album The Suffocating Darkness two months ago. With guitarist Twan van Geel on bass and vocals there is new blood in this Asphyx side project. His vicious voice and presentation is adding fuel to the typical mid-tempo Death Metal Asphyx is famous for. Also a Celtic Frost influence can be found but overall the songs don’t differ that much and the band is using song structures that are not surprising if you are familiar with this type of Death Metal. After a couple of songs you can predict what part is next to being played. The sound quality of the show and the stage act is professional, however the songs could be more spectacular.
Closing off tonight are four Greeks who are looking mean and they are taking the Baroeg by storm. They put an essential dark atmosphere into Death Metal to top it off with technical riffs and drums. Mastermind A.V. on guitar not only knows how to create unholy riffs and brutal songs; his grunt is low and full of hatred. Fast parts are combined with mid tempo “bang your head” parts and evil intermezzos. With hard hitting and technical skilled drummer V.V. the band has the perfect guy to makes changes between the parts or creates an unexpected breakdown. After 45 minutes they come back with another song, one that has an intermezzo of a choir that is singing a Greek Orthodox hymn to the Archangels. It perfectly matches the unholy and dark atmosphere of Dead Congregation before they unleash one final fast raging Death Metal part before all of us are sent into the cold and dark night.