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Unearth, The Charm The Fury, 18 Miles, Divine Sins - A hot but awesome late afternoon in Alkmaar
 On a quite sunday afternoon, a bunch of metalheads gathered in Alkmaar. The reason was that Unearth would play a concert today and they wouldn't be the only band either. Supported by The Charm The Fury, 18 Miles and Divine Sins, this would be a very nice warm-up.

First band of the evening was the Hilversum band Divine Sins. For those who do not know, this is a band who had a lot of potential and were praised a lot after their first release. Nevertheless the band had a lot of line-up changes through the years and it seems that the band doesn't grow a lot anymore. The band is still playing solid, but has changed their music quite a bit also and therefore they have a variety of musical styles. This is probably the reason why there were only about ten people in the room during the show. It was a decent performance, but sadly nothing more than that.

They were followed up by 18 Miles, a hardcore/metalcore band that fits quite a bit better in this line-up. The room filled up quite some more and the energy level went up way more. Although there still wasn't any movement in the crowd, they seemed way more into it. Also the band's facial expressions were set on happy, enthousiastic and they just gave it all during this set. The half hour that the band played flew by and although the band is quite young, they got quite some experience already and they showed that on stage.

When The Charm The Fury started their set, the room was finally quite packed. The band showed that their level of professionality was quite a bit higher than the previous two bands. While some of the shows in the past had some ups and downs throughout their set, today was quite a good evening for them. They played very tight and because Caroline kept asking for movement, they finally got the first movement of the evening. The band has some well-known songs as "Carte Blance" and "Virtue Of Leadership", and therefore got some people singing along with them. Another half hour flew by and sadly the set came to an end already, the crowd was pumped up and the band got a lot of response.

Three hours after opening the venue it was time for the headliner of the evening. The room filled up just a little bit more and the level of enthousiasm was way higher than before. This American metalcore band released their sixt record about half a year ago and felt like it was time to promote this in Europe. While about half of the set was about the new record, also the older songs weren't forgotten. The crowd loved both, the old and newer songs, and kept singing along throughout the whole set. Unearth itself played very tight and the vocals were spot on, something they are doing for quite a while now and have proven live quite some times. While this was quite a small venue for this band, they didn't seem to care that much and gave it as much as they were playing on a big festival. The intimate atmosphere was great and although there was bareley any movement, the responses of the crowd were pretty good. It is quite remarable that 60% of this band is still from the original line-up from 1998. Therefore they are well-known with each other and you can definitely see this connection on stage. After a little more than an hour the band left the stage after thanking the crowd, shaking some hands and giving some high fives.

Although there weren't that many people here, it will be a quite remarable show for the people who were here. It was a well-booked package, and the bands kept getting better throughout the day.