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The End, Transmission 0 - Hanging over in the Batcave
So, it’s Sunday, you have a major after-Inhume hangover and you’re invited to go see The End. Of course you go! I arrived at the trainstation to pick up someone with an even bigger hangover than me, and we both realized that this really was literally going to be The End. Lets continue with the heavy music and the drinking!!
Transmission 0:
Okay, just when you think you know about every style of metal, you get to see a band that does something different. Transmission 0 makes postcore, which means a combination of spacy and heavy industrial, metalcore and just a hint of doom. Perhaps there are bands in this genre that are pretty cool, but this one was pretty boring. Could be the hangover and the glass of beer in my hand that kept me sticking to my crutch, but I just didn’t bother to get up at all in a packed Batcave (013 – Tilburg).
The End:
I had heard a few tracks of them, but I didn’t really know The End. I also knew it was a bit of a Dillinger Escape Plan idea, so I was hoping for something like that. The music was indeed hectic DEP metalcore, with the jazzy parts and everything. Amazing to see these guys play that stuff, must be tough memorizing all those riffs. There was just one thing missing. I noticed that every one of those hectic experimental metal band has one (or more) freak in their line-up. You can see that by the way that person acts on stage, but although they certainly did their best I couldn’t see a REAL freak. Just one funny thing, during the last track the bassist ran through the crowd all the way to the back into the toilets. What he was doing there I don’t know, but that was kind of weird. Good band nonetheless, very motivated guys. Hope to see them again some time.