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Moho, Mary Bell, Derrota - Doomed in the Little Devil
Some time ago a member of Mary Bell posted some tracks of Moho on the forum. I listened to those tracks and back then I could appreciate them quite well. So when a small Dutch tour was organized I could just as well check a show out. I was in for a surprise…


This was absolutely terrible. I was expecting some type of sludge/doom, but this Spanish band made punk!!! Tuned in E, which is normal, but not if you’re playing doom! So a shrill rotten punk sound blasted out of the speakers, with terrible screaming vocals from both bassist and guitarist, one being worse than the other. Add up some uncoordinated drumming, and you’ve got some rotten Derrota. There were some doom parts in the songs, but because of the high tuning the effect was lost. I was very glad when this was over. Me and Nabbe the Bastard both agreed on the fact that if they had to have one faster band playing that they should have picked Hot ‘n Steamy Monkeylove. But you can’t have everything you know…

Mary Bell

I was waiting until I would see these guys play again, since last time they pleased me quite well. I also had obtained some recordings so I knew I believe 3 out of four songs already. Mary Bell means real heavy ass duo-vocal sludge/drone, hypnotizing you from the first to the last tone. And that was what it would have been if it wasn’t for some problems with the bass amplifier. Last time I saw them they also had a second guitar player, but that wasn’t noticeable in the music’s heaviness. It pounded just as hard.
Both throats were sounding quite brutal, where they roared in turns underlining the strikes on the strings. I just have a small problem with the drum, it could use a boost in enthusiasm and originality. Experiment a little bit man!
All in all, it was ok to watch and to sit and chat with the band. Hoping for more luck during their show next time I hear the Bell toll!


Moho came as a complete surprise to me. Immediately as they began they grabbed me by the throat and shook me all around, just to kick me way up high into the sky every couple of minutes. This is one of the most ideal combinations of heavy sludgecore with some crust eruptions featuring hypnotizing doom parts. Most impressing of all was the drummer, he made more noise with JUST the floor tom then all the other drummers playing before. I mean this guy was bashing his brains out on that kit! And not just some simple rhythms, no, quite complex grooving stuff too!
Considering that I was quite wasted already, this show made quite an impression on me. So I bought their self produced CD-R called 20 Unas for 4 euros, which sounds quite ok for such a small production. But live, the experience was a hundred times better and heavier. I just hope they come back someday.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Moho #Mary Bell #Derrota