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Mary Bell - Mary Bell
Mary Bell is probably the only real sludgedoom band in all of the Netherlands, well, that is until my band Tankslapper starts playing mwuhahaha! I’ve seen them play a couple of times and I always could appreciate their music. And now, after recording it in 2005, the band finally releases its self-titled debut through the Spanish Trabuc Records.
People who are familiar with the genre know what to expect; long slow songs with a real nasty and filthy sound. Especially the vocals sound very disgusting from both Pit and Friso. Besides the nastiness the next important thing is a groove. And there is one hell of an intoxicating groove in Mary Bell, might it a be an extremely slow one of course. And all this combined bulldozers through your speakers into your ear holes ending up in your THC-drenched brain.
And with this genre a lower recording quality makes everything sound even better, or dirtier I might say. It’s on one hand very relaxing, but on the other you kind of get a little aggressive from it, depending on the mood you’re in. But especially the drone-like ending of the over twenty minutes track ‘Delirium’ is a great listen right before passing out in bed. Good stuff.
I know the sludgecore scene is practically non-existent, but nevertheless Mary Bell have delivered a strong debut in this genre. This record was recorded in the old line-up, and I don’t think I have seen the new one yet so I’m curious to seeing them live somewhere soon. Dutch stoners check this out!!
Mary Bell - Mary Bell
79/1001Details Trabuc Records
Released on Sunday Apr 1st, 2007

Writer @DemonDust on Friday May 11th, 2007

Tags: #Mary Bell
Tracklisting 1. Stone The Martyr
2. Torture
3. Armageddon Jam
4. Midnight Mess
5. Delirium
Line up Pit - vocals
Friso - vocals
Co - guitar
Roy - bass
Fletch - drums