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Mastodon, Dozer, Extol - Twice in 40 hours
If a band is really really good, but not that large yet, I tend to go to more than one show. In this case, I was rewarded with the one of the best metal performances in the world, twice! And all that in 40 hours of practically no sleep!
The first show was set in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, but I had my interview during the bigger part of the Extol-performance. The second day I completely missed them, since the show already started in the late afternoon. So I can’t really say some concrete about this band. The opinions that I made in that little time I saw them were; quite boring, great drummer, I hate emo vocals with this style of music, I wouldn’t know in what genre to place this band. I witnessed about three songs and then was glad that I could do my interview.
Now this was a surprise! A heavy but grooving stoner band a la Kyuss meets Cavity mixed with a hint of Bongzilla. Stomping grooving banging convincing stonerrock! With every track they played they got more and more of my interest and soon I could do nothing more but watch and applaud. The rest of the crowd seemed just as impressed as I was, after every song  louder roars and ovations were thrown at the foursome.
They had a guitar playing vocalist who could actually sing, and quite high too. The other guitar player (who looked like a boy who ALWAYS finished his meal, and his beer) played a part of a song using a beer can for a pick. Respect!
If you’re into stoner, definitely check this band out! I need to find some albums too now that I mention it…

There is no way to prepare for a show from a band such as this. Their performance is godlike, and if their sound is good too, you’ll be blown away. I cannot describe it, it’s just too much things to be amazed about. Like the fact that they’re touring for a whole year now, which shows a lot in their musical ensemble. Tight as a motherfucker, I could not detect one flaw at both nights. Truly, godlike.

In Amsterdam I was told that not a lot of people “dance” at Mastodon shows. Well, Amsterdam danced the fucking shit out of me! I could feel the aggression and serenity as the artists gently threw out one masterpiece after the next, amazing the entire audience with their hypnotic compositions. Tracks like “Blood and Thunder”, “Megalodon” and “Iron Tusk” were the ultimate kicks for this night, as well as for the show in Nijmegen. The crowd was not so intense there, so I could watch the entire performance in a state of shock wondering how the hell something like that is possible.
The best thing about this band live is that you can keep watching what those guys are doing, since each and every riff or roll is designed to be as original as possible. Especially drummer Brann and guitarist Brent are a pleasure to watch, since they’re doing stuff that I’ve only seen them do in a way only they can. This band truly proves to be a mastodon on stage.
In Amsterdam they finished the set with a cover from Brent’s favourite band The Melvins, which had a kind of stonerrock riff in it that grooved dramatically brutal. The day after the came back for an encore. Which was “Hail to Fire” from the EP Lifesblood. Both days, in one word, breathtaking.

I’m almost a hundred percent sure that this band is the future of metal. Within ten years this becomes the new Metallica or something. Just wait and see, or better yet, don’t wait and go see at one of the festivals this summer!!!