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Groezrock 2005 - Belgian style
There are some nice festivals in the Netherlands, but last year Metalrage noticed the Belgium Groezrock festival, which is punk and hardcore orientated. This year, the line-up was most interesting and Metalrage had the opportunity to check some of these bands on April 30th. Carn, Shaydee and Buzzin Hornet were present to watch the band and we had interviews with Hopesfall and Hatebreed.

Metalrage arrived on Friday after having a nice dinner at one of our addicted members. After building our tents, we grabbed a beer and sat in front of them. For Carn and Buzzin Hornet it was the second time at the festival, Shaydee was a first timer. We didn’t visit the camping festival, which is organised every year. This mainly because we were a bit tired and wanted to hang around the campsite. After a rough night where one of the tents got crashed, the festival started and after some problems with our press accreditation (that is why there are no pictures here) we started with Tsunami Bomb (yeah, we missed a lot due to problems).

Tsunami Bomb
Not being familiar with Tsunami Bomb, a friend suggested to check it out. The band plays a brand of up-beat pop-punk, and are one of the few bands that have a good female vocalist. I have no clue which songs got played, but the band was clearly enjoying themselves and played pretty well. They managed to keep me interested for most of the set, and I`m not a fan of punkmusic.

From Autumn To Ashes
After rejoining the crew after an intense conversation with Hopesfall, we watched a good performance in the small tent. From Autumn To Ashes was playing there and they always know what to do with the audience. All the greatest hits were played and from where we were standing the crowd was reacting great to the band. The sound was a bit of f***** in the beginning, but after a couple of minutes it was the best sound of the day I guess. The band sure enjoyed their performance, although it was a bit short they left the stage where a satisfied crowd was halfway the festival.

Rise Against
After this it looked like the entire festival wanted to see the Rise Against at the Main Stage. One big mass of people walked across the small field towards the big tent where the band was almost starting their set. I personally have got nothing with this band and to be honest I found their performance not that great. It was more fun to see the audience in front of us supporting the band massively. I left early to get something to eat, because one hour later Boy Sets Fire was going to play the Main Stage and this band was one of the priorities on my list today.

Boy Sets Fire
Boy Sets Fire opened the set with their anthem “After The Eulogy”. Needless to say everybody was instantly ready to mosh. The crowd ferociously raised their fists in the air to the encouraging ‘Rise!’. Even some new songs were played. In my opinion those songs leaned more towards ‘Tomorrow Come Today’ than ‘After The Eulogy’. Guitar player Josh had been struck by an illness and was replaced by their tour manager, who did a good job. Overall a great set by this band with, except for some guitar problems and soft-sounding backing vocals, an excellent sound.

7 Seconds
I have seen this band before and because I am not into punk they don’t really interest me, but the last time they quite surprised me with their intense performance. I had to wait for my second interview of the day so I was sitting outside but I heard the songs I heard last year. So that takes away the meaning of seeing a band you don’t really like again. The weather was good and an interview with Hatebreed was waiting for me!

After listening to some songs backstage with an angry face (the interview got delayed) I rushed to see the last half of the Hopesfall set. If there was one band on Groezrock that surprises the crowd with new music on each album it is this band. Until now not one album sounds like any other material the band ever made. Their last effort A-Types got released at the end of last year and they are promoting it now by touring Europe. The performance of the band is just as strange as the music itself. The intensity and energy this band radiates into the crowd really can get my attention. Because there are some slow passages in the songs it is hard to convince the audience, but for me this band had a show that was pure magic.
The band is still touring through Europe and if you get the chance I can recommend to check out these guys.

Flogging Molly
We heard some Flogging Molly from a distance and of course it was one big party again but I have seen the trick for so many times it don’t really gets to me. The same old familiar songs were played and once again beer was taught to fly and people were dancing like monkeys. If you are bored; great to watch but ridiculous to do.

Coheed & Cambria
The first thing you’ll notice about Coheed & Cambria is the high-pitched voice of singer Claudio. I was curious how his clear singing would last on a live basis. It actually was pretty good! Coheed & Cambria played their songs with passion and that clearly got appreciated by the crowd. Half way the set though it was time to move the other tent to see Hatebreed play.

This was the third time for me I saw Hatebreed. But it was the first time I saw them on a festival. And if it is up to me it was the last time. I have heard some rumours of them playing this year's Lowlands festival but the band didn’t know! But the performance on a festival just isn’t the same. I was surprised what the band could get done with two massive circle pits at the same time which were connected in the middle and huge mosh pits. Besides that, the audience was enthousiastic and Jamey was extremely good with his vocals, but I didn’t feel the energy like the memorable show in Amsterdam last year.

After this band we decided to call it a day. Overall: we had fun, but the atmosphere on the festival wasn’t like last year. There was much more tension between the people. But the good weather and relatively cheap drinks and food really gives this festival some flair. I enjoyed this edition with 4 cranes and 17 dixies (against 2/4 last year) and the massive campsite. If they can achieve the same kind of line up next year and can arrange the weather to be the same it is bound to be another sold out success. For me it was a festival with mixed feelings; my tent got thrashed and the organisation was not flawless, not for us nor for Mindview.
Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

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