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Friday/Patek 08-07-05
The first day with bands was quite interesting because I was able to catch a lot of shows and definitely get to know a lot of bands that were unknown to me.

The first band to play the festival was a gore grind band from Poland. The music was quite standard but certainly nice to hear. The nice thing about this festival is that almost everything sounds cool when you are drunk. They only played 20 minutes, so it did not leave a big expression, but enough to say I would not buy an album of these guys.
This band from Italy was really nice and actually the first band for me to start moving. The music is best described as powerviolence with a lot of crust influences, a combination I never heard. They sound quite similar as Cripple Bastards from Italy, but in some other ways, they totally do not. I do not remember anything about any song titles, because the songs only lasted for 40 seconds or less. They rushed through a set list with 25 to 30 songs and definitely made the audience moving as well.
CxMxPx (Corpse Molesting Pervert):
A German gore grind band that I saw once on the Bloodshed festival. They were playing the small stage, which had a very fucked up sound. I do like their album though, so I figured out that with a nice sound, they would kick ass. Too bad it was starting to rain and right when CxMxPx had to play, it literally poured from the skies. We went for shelter in our tent and smoked some weed, but I still could hear the sounds of them, which sounded very decent. I was really upset that it was raining that hard at the time, because after this band, it started to drizzle, which wasn’t annoying.
The first Dutch band on this festival that had to play was Caedere, who play very technical and brutal death metal. The music was very nice to hear and they played many songs from the Mass Emission album. The sound was quite nice and I really enjoyed myself. Herbert (bass) actually said after the show that they were fucking up on stage, but I really did not hear it. Caedere where the first technical band that had to play, which really showed of. After playing 2 or 3 songs, only more people were joining the headbanging crowd, which is definitely a positive sign.
After Caedere we decided to get some food outside the festival area, because the only food you can get there is vegetarian and vegans food. Personally, I do not mind to eat it, because last year it all tasted nice enough. My companions though, really wanted to have some normal food and because everything is so cheap, we decided to go to that Motorest I talked about earlier. We eat and drank for 6 euro’s p.p. which is really cheap compared to Dutch standards (On the way back we found a restaurant where we ate and drank for 3 euro’s p.p.) Because we went outside for eating, I had to miss 3 bands (Bombstrike, Third Degree and Diskonto) Scheduled next was the Polish band Devilyn, which I wanted to see. However, when I arrived on the festival area, they were announcing that Devilyn was lost and couldn’t make it to the festival, so they scheduled a break of a half hour. Shit….. We could have eaten then.
After dinner, I had to take a shit, which also caused me to miss the live act of Kronos. I could definitely hear it in the Dixie though, so I’m still able to write something about it. The music is very fast and brutal pounding death metal, in the veins of Brodequin and Disgorge. The music was that hard, that the shit was just getting through my arse without pushing, that’s something new!
After Kronos I went backstage and talked to the Blood Duster guys and met Herbert from Caedere then, who had some nice Afghaan hasj. Smoking, drinking and talking, I missed Amoebic Dysentery, which wasn’t so bad because I personally don’t like to watch drum computer bands. I just went for a glimpse and changed my mind but then the battery of the drum computer went dead and they had to stop playing, because their American system didn’t allow European batteries….. Always take extra batteries…..
The first Czech band that were playing was Ingrowing, a very decent, typically Czech death/grind band with a lot of gore grind influences, but also some very decent head pounding death metal. The performance and the sound were both alright, but sometimes the sound was a bit overtuned, which doesn’t matter for a band like this. Ingrowing were definitely entertaining enough to drink beer with and bang your head on. They were a real party band that made the crowd warm for the headliners.
Leng Tch’e:

Leng Tch'e
Leng Tch’e has changed quite a lot since their old vocalist left. They now have Boris from Suppository with them, but I still think their previous vocalist was way better. Their setlist was quite wide, with every album equally played. They also played some new tracks from their new record called The Process Of Elimination. The new material sounds really nice, and one of the songs is totally rock ‘n roll, quite similar to the Blood Duster style called Another Hit Single. Another track I remembered from the new album was Don’t Touch My Spandex. The titles alone are funny and the music is brutal, nice show!

Disfear also appeared on the Fuck The Commerce festival, but since it was raining at that time, I missed them. Now, it again rained, but I was able to catch the show from the backstage and stayed dry. I can be mistaken now, but their vocalist resembled a lot to the bass player of Nasum. They did a tribute to Miescko though... Several people were telling me that story, but I did not find a chance to ask him. The music was very ‘nice to listen’ grindcore, like Nasum and certainly a little bit old Napalm Death. This Swedish band kicked it hard and was full of energy while playing this fantastic show!
Blood Duster:

Blood Duster
The headlining act for today was the Australian band Blood Duster. I like the big rock n’ roll influences in their records. They also have some real grind albums like Yeest, but tonight they mainly played their tracks from the latest 2 records Blood Duster and Cunt.

The opening verse sounded (For Those About To Fuck), which is a derivative from the AC/DC track Hells Bells. Tracks like sixsixsixteen, PornStoreStiffi and IWannaDoItWithADonna followed after and I really enjoyed the top notch sound these guys had. Certainly one of the best shows of this evening and looking at the audience, I wasn’t the only one with that opinion.
Pungent Stench:

Pungent Stench
Even more people watching than with Blood Duster and totally correct as well, because Pungent Stench just kicked arse! The slow and groovy death metal sounds very nice and the guys from Pungent Stench really deserved the standing ovation they received after each song. I can’t remember many song titles, but I remember them doing a song from the very rare split album with Disharmonic Orchestra.

Pungent Stench

The problem with all these bands after each other is that you can’t really remember everything of the show, so I decided not to make it hard and just skip those song titles. Who cares anyway?
Inferia from Finland were sounding the same as many Finnish acts, like Rotten Sound, which I really like.


These guys started their show and really got the audience with them after a few songs. Personally, I think their music was nice, however, the stage performance just sucked. No energy at all and really not interesting to watch. A perfect band to sit down on a bench somewhere and listen to it, with a beer in your band, enjoying the sparse women.
The beer started to kick in at this point so I really don’t remember anything about Purgatory at all. I only know it sounded brutal as fuck and that there were still lots of people in front of the stage at 00:30 am. Again a brutal death metal band without a really own sound, just a band to watch and drink beer with, somewhere on a bench.
Needful Things:
I can’t write much about this band, because I went down to my tent for some weed. When I returned from my walking, I found out they already finished their show. From what I heard of it, it sounded like really up-tuned powerviolence, somewhere similar to Malkavian.
This was really a very nice band to end the day with. It’s normal on Obscene Extreme that the last band of the day usually sucks. Onanizer sucked too, but because everybody is drunk, everybody finds it fantastic. The same with me, the music sounded like crap, the instruments were not properly tuned, and everything was crap about this band. That’s probably the only reason I enjoyed it, because everything was crap and I really did not know anymore. When drunk, I can listen to the biggest scat and find it totally awesome. Big compliments to this band!!!!

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Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
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