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Obscene Extreme 2005 - Silence Suxxx!
The 7th July till 10th July was a period where all barriers were overthrown. It was time for the annual Obscene Extreme festival, located in Trutnov, which is in the Czech Republic. People all over the world know about this festival, so the atmosphere is very multi-cultural. We had our tent planted near some dudes from Israel, and I met a girl from New-Zealand. This gives a quite good impression about all the people around. This is not to compare with a festival like Dynamo or Wacken.

Fuck Hip-hop indeed

Obscene Extreme features a wide range of styles, all in the underground, such as power violence, gore grind, crust punk and of course brutal death metal. I’m going to try to give you a nice description of this festival in the Czech Republic. First thing I have to say about the festival, is that the pictures mostly were made by Rob van Rooij, our vocalist in Haklust, and some where made by me.

Vegan Food!
Thursday/Čtvrtek 07-07-05:
We left the Netherlands Wednesday around 8 pm and arrived in Trutnov the day after at 8 am. Totally exhausted from the drive, we tried to find a place to set up our tent. The camping ground is the Trutnov’s local city park and it’s a very nice to camp, because of the overload of shade, which is quite important for me, because I hate it when I’m burned out of my tent at 7 am. The day was not interesting, we drank some beer and after some time we were put off the festival ground to wait in a queue for a ticket. The weather was quite good at that time and everybody was sweating in the queue, so we decided to make our waiting more interesting by going to the Motorest (I want to give thanks here to that restaurant, because of the cheap and delicious food. Only one serving maid was looking very grumpy, so please don’t do that anymore, it’ll matter in the tip we give!) We drank way too long and too much and when we finally decided to get our ticket, the queue was gone. Hardly able to stand on my legs, I got my wrist band and a guest card for photos on stage. The festival finally kicked off with an intro show covered by the piercing act The same organisation as last year, except that I found this show less interesting even close to boring. That made me go to get some coins for beers and bought 50 of them for 20 euro’s, which is 25 ½ litre pints. This is calculated as around 65 eurocent for 0,5 l beer. After the intro show we just continued drinking and partying until deep in the night and finally I passed out in my tent, not knowing how and when I got there. I just woke up the next day, head NOT pounding!

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Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
Writer @Mat-Core

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