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Saturday/Sobota 09-07-07
I was really having a headache when I woke up this morning, yesterday I was lucky, but today my head hurt like crap. I went down to the festival area 3 hours after the first band had to play, but I really wasn’t able to get out of my tent for bands I really did not know and was not interested in. The bands that I’ve missed were: Professor Lefebrve, Guided Cradle, M .A.C. Of Mad, Exhale, Mass Genocide Process and C.O.S. When I arrived, I only saw the last 3 songs of C.O.S, which didn’t sound that interesting.
The first band I was able to witness was this band from Poland, who play brutal guttural death metal like Sikfuk. Again a very good band to shit on, as our photographer Rob said after the show. I take it for granted that it meant something good, knowing Rob. I can’t write many about this band, just that the sound was nice and that they’ve had the first pit of the day that I witnessed.
Plastic Grave:
I really wanted to see this band, with the bass player of the Czech band Ingrowing. Too bad they really had a bad sound. The music was simple gore grind and nothing more and nothing less. The usual tempo changes, poeka’s and blasts were easy to follow and many times easy to predict. I listened to one song on the Obscene Extreme cd that everybody received and I found it very nice to hear. Too bad the show wasn’t that well, except for the performance, because they really tried to make it worth.
Forgardur Helvitis:
This band I really wanted to catch along because of the weird name and the fact that these guys are from Iceland. I only know some Viking/Folk shit from Iceland that is not worth listening and I definitely never heard of a grindcore band from this land. Forgardur Helvitis sound much like Nasum and Disfear and produce very fast grind. The songs were quite short and the stage performance was devastating. Too bad the music became a little boring after 20 songs, because there wasn’t much variation in the songs.
Holocausto Canibal:
The next band was another brutal death metal band with some very nice headbanging music. I can’t say much about it, because I missed the entire show, but I heard it quite well from the Dixie.
The second Dutch band of the festival was Collision, who were totally kicking ass on stage. I once saw them on “Op Volle Snoeren” and I did not really enjoy it then because of the fucked up sound. However, today they had everything they could possibly want, that is: a superb sound, superb crowd and a superb show. Don’t ask me any titles, because it went all too fast to remember. I only remember myself standing in front, trying to headbang and drinking beer at the same time.
I went for something to eat while Mindsnare had to play, I thought I saw that band last year, but close examination turned out that band that had to play last year is Mindflare…. What’s the difference….
Screamin’ Deamon:
I really find it a bummer that I missed this band, because I heard some music of them on the way back to the Netherlands and it really kicked ass! It sounded like really fucked up grindcore/powerviolence with many black metal influences, which sound really devastating. I sure want to hear more of this band sometime.


The third and last Dutch band of the festival was from Friesland, Heerenveen. Stoma play very decent gore grind with 2 vocalists, one screaming, one grunting and blubbering through a pitch shifter.


This was also the 3th time I saw this band and every time they have made my head move on the catchy poeka rhythms. They played most of their songs from the Scat Aficionades record, including In Grind We Crust, Cum Choked, Sodomized At The Gay Parade and Old Hags In Bodybags. I really did enjoy this show and as you can see on the pictures, Stoma did as well.


The next 2 bands I had to miss because the rain started to drizzle again and we went for the tent to get a trash bag for protection against the wet.

Friends from Germany

We stayed there for quite some time, smoking a big joint with our friends from Germany. The bands that had to play were Audio Kollaps and Sayyadina.
The rain was quite irritating by now but everybody was ready for the death/gore legends Dead. Watching the show from the back, it looked very interesting. The live performance however was quite lame. They played their show in a very standard way, without any real podium act. The songs just kept going on and on, until they finally announced their last song. Not a real blasting show if you ask me.
Very, very fast Thrashcore with songs of 20 seconds max, not really my thing, so I decided to get some beers and drink them at the tent.

The next four bands were some bands I really had some expectations of and it started with the Spanish death metal band Avulsed. I saw this band once on the Fuck the Commerce festival this year and then they really kicked ass.


Today they did the same thing, and threw some very nice brutal songs into the audience. I only remember the songs of the Goresplattered Suicide record, because that’s the only record I really know of them. It did not matter though which song they played because they all sounded nice. Very tight show with Dave Rotten headbanging, stagediving and singing as well, all at the same time!
I always like shows of this Swedish band because of the brutality of the live act itself. Ricard is a very energetic man on stage and it wasn’t less different than the last time I saw them perform in Arnhem. They played their songs from every record, but I only woke up when they started playing songs of the Carnivorous Erection album and luckily they did a lot of them. The show was very fast and they worked through their set list with utter precision, thus creating some sort of vibe, which caused the whole crowd to go mad. I never saw so many stage dives ever in a show!

fans getting ready for Haemorrhage
The first band with a female guitarist and really not a bad show at all because of the groovy gore grind they play. I was watching the show from the back, so I only saw their backs, but at some point their vocalist dove back for his back pack and got a muzzle from it. His performance and his expression looked like some rabid dog, eager to bite on his crowd and totally full of energy. It was not the only side dish of the show, because at another point he went back for a glass pot with brains inside.


I would like to call it pathologist gore grind because every song had something to do with that subject. Nicely done by Haemorrhage!
Finally, I was able to watch these Czech bastards perform, but after Haemorrhage, I went out with Thomas from Caedere to get some beers. We then watched the show way back from the stage so I did not really get a good glimpse of the show itself. The songs however were brutal, except for the bald sound. I don’t know how to describe it in proper English, but the sound was without feeling, without any warmth at all. The songs I remember were Cock Control, one of my favourites of the Menses Exorcism album and Cumshot Combat from the Cunt Hackers album. Definitely not a bad show at all, despite the sound, but its their own sound so who am I to say it.
Malignant Tumour:
I hardly heard anything of Malignant Tumour and the reason I really don’t know anymore, I just have a black hole in my brains considering this show….. Shit
Disfigured Corpse:
Same thing with this band, I only saw 2 or 3 songs and it sounded brutal enough… I think I really had that much of grind and everything that everything started to sound the same.
Looking For An Answer:
This Spanish band was on the contrary, very entertaining. They played over the top crust/punk with a lot of grindcore influences. I really liked the crazed out performance of the band and remarkably, they got the crowd with them at 2 o’clock in the night. Even for some stage divers, that had lost the way.
Carnal Diafragma:
It was getting really late, so I decided to get some coffee to stay awake. Luckily, I did not go for sleep, because this last band of the festival really kicked ass. The best groovy gore grind band I heard, but that fact could have been related to my increased drunkenness. Not to matter though, because I enjoyed myself and the crowd did as well. They all knew that this was the last band for Obscene, and that they had to wait for another year for the next Obscene. That was a big motivation for all to start moving and diving and make the Obscene festival a festival to remember.
The evening passed with a lot of drinking and partying until early in the morning and totally exhausted and way past drunk I found my place to sleep and passed out….
Another Obscene Extreme survived and ready for next year!
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Details Written on Saturday Jan 1st, 2005
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