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Nashville Pussy&Powervice - Pure Hate and Whiskey
At the first of December, a long awaiting for me was finally over. It was a few months ago that I reviewed �Get Some� from Nashville Pussy and now I was dying to see them live. At first, I was considered to go all by myself, but in the end, Shaydee and Buzzin Hornet were so kind to join me.
Oh, was I happy. The venue was filled with metal heads and we didn�t have to wait that long before the opening act started to play. Powervice, a Dutch heavy metal band from the fine rock city of Eindhoven. A very, very pleasant surprise it was. After a magnificent opening (with a great drum part) the band kicked ass with every single touch of the strings. There were two guitar players, combining very nice riffs with each other, bass, drums and a brilliant front man. I have never seen such an opening (metal) act. 

My god, so technical, great high and clean vocals (I didn�t mention a single mistake) so structural and unexpected. Have we been saying that the Dutch scene is dying right now? How could we?! 

A little chat after the show taught me that the band has been together for just five months now and this was just their seventh gig. Check �m out on

Nashville Pussy
But then, it was time for Nashville Pussy to enter the stage, of course with the opening song from �Get Some�, �Pussy Time�. Plinglingeding!! �Who wants some pussy?� �WE DO!!!�
�Hey fuckers, give me some light up here!!�
Hell yeah, pure rock & roll in the form that tastes best, beer included. During the set, most of the songs from the latest record were played, �Come one come on�, �Good Night for a Heart Attack�, �One Way Down�, they were all there, but also songs from previous albums like �Go motherfucker go� and �Piece of Ass� are played.

On stage, Karen Exley and Ruyter Suys try to keep the men in the w2 busy by coming very close to the crowd, while frontman Blaine Cartwright keeps himself busy with the tank that�s called keep-on-gowing-or-else-I�m-gonna-kick-your-ass. After the first real break, he explains the upcoming song: �You know, the town I come from is dull and I often feel like awkward, so I�ve got nothing to do but being hateful and drink whiskey.� At that time, my favourite song was played called �Hate and Whiskey� and my god, how incredible it was.
In fact, all the songs were amazing. The band itself seemed to notice that, and for the love of god, Turbonegro�s �Age of Pampirus� was played, rising a lot of happiness in the w2. Woo woo woooo!!. Could it get any better? Well, sure, �Lazy White Boy� was dedicated to Bartje from Peter Pan Speedrock (who was knocking my head by banging his in front of me) which was a nice thing for me: the fact that NP is aware of some parts of the Dutch scene.
Ruyter gave some incredible solo�s (men, have you seen that?) the sound was ok, which makes the problems with the light and the tiny little tired look of Cartwright (you might as well smile) the only negative points of tonight. But overall, the show was really overwhelming, just press the NP button and the whole thing will blow you away for the next five quarters of an hour. All of the musicians were brilliant and played every single note with a lot of enthusiasm that might be gone in some other bands these days.
Details Written on Tuesday Dec 6th, 2005
Writer @CarpeSiem

Tags: #Nashville Pussy&Powervice