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3 Inches of Blood - Supported by Himsa and Eye of Judgement
Again a second timer this month. Once again I went out to see 3 Inches of Blood and Himsa. This time the roles were changed and 3 Inches of Blood was the headliner. Before the show we said hello and once again I was curious to this refreshing band. Their live performance has always attracted me and with their music they are bringing something new to the big, huge world of metal!
There was a different band supporting in Arnhem and this band is called Eye Of Judgement. This band is ‘straight edge’ and if you want to start in the most terrible way you have to be a ‘straight edge’ band. Just be yourself and make up your own mind. And please quit with those stupid crosses on your hand.
Eye Of Judgement plays metalcore and they aren’t even that bad. With an unbelievable quiet and ‘standing still’ audience the band managed to give the people a good show. They still need more experience but with a new guitarist they sure played a good set!

After that, it was time for Himsa to enter the stage. The last time I wasn’t able to see their show but this time I had to. And my god, what an awesome guitar player they got. This guy is not stop shredding, so there is form of Metalcore which is original. That is a nice fact to know. The front man tried to interact with the audience but their was no response. After his comment about being in church again the audience became looser and they finished a great set.

Last but not least, 3 Inches of Blood entered the stage. As said before this band attracts me and they did once again. With their powerful set with, again, songs like Destroy The Orcs, Axes of Evil and many more, the band ended with Deadly Sinners. But this time the crew jumped into the audience with swords and shields and they kept jumping around the entire song. This is one of the funniest things I ever experienced during a concert.
The battle-metal these guys play is refreshing and they can get bigger over here. They sell out almost every venue in the UK and they are playing in small venues over here. If you ever get the chance to see these guys I can recommend you to go there!