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3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish
3 Inches of Blood, a Vancouver-based metal band that writes about pirates, swords, warring cyborgs from the future and most of all, about heavy metal. Originally influenced by the late 70's British stuff this band combines all kinds of music. With a mix of nu-metal, hair-metal, emo, screamo, post-hardcore, metalcore and a lot of other styles as well, this band has created one of the most sensational sounds I've ever heard till now. The more I listened to it, the more I started to like Advance and Vanquish. Actually the songs even made me laugh when I heard the album the first time. These are some real catchy songs which you can't forget after you've listened to it once.
Devastating music and very tight riffs. That's the first thing which comes to my mind when I'm listening to this music. Really, the instruments and the vocals fit in every way! And I'm not even making one exception for a song in which that isn't the case. The whole CD is full of energy and of course, pirates, swords, warring cyborgs and heavy metal. Especially that last feature is the thing that made me laugh in the beginning. Singing about heavy metal, well... that's ok! But this? The vocals are extremly high (read EXTREMELY!). It actually reminded me of "Happy Tree Friends" (an animated cartoon) and the word 'metal' is sung in a way only our own DemonDust can (and that is high). Take this high vocals and combine them with the awesome screams from the other vocalist and you've got one hell of an album!
One of the best songs for me is 'Deadly Sinners'. And if you want to know what I'm talking about, then download that song. It's on the Roadrunner Records website. Really guys, you don't have to be a power or heavy metal fan to like this music. 3 Inches of Blood, my compliments!

3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish
80/1001Details Roadrunner Records
Released on Tuesday Jan 1st, 2008

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Mar 8th, 2005

Tags: #3 Inches of Blood
Tracklisting 1. Fear on the Bridge (Upon the Boiling Sea I)
2. Deadly Sinners
3. Revenge is a Vulture
4. Dominion of Deceit
5. Premonition of Pain
6. Lord of the Storm (Upon the Boiling Sea II)
7. Wykydtron
8. Swordmaster
9. Axes of Evil
10. Crazy Nights
11. Destroy the Orcs
12. The Phantom of the Crimson Cloak
13. Isle of Eternal Despair (Upon the Boiling Sea III)
Line up Cam Pipes - Vocals
Jamie Hooper - Vocals
Sunny Dhak - Guitar (replaced by Justin Hagberg)
Bob Froese - Guitar (replaced by Shane Clark)
Brian Redman - Bass Guitar
Matt Wood - Drums