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Sengaia - what else to do on a friday night?
After discovering this band opening up for The Red Chord I decided to visit one of their headlining gigs that was in the area anyway. So I got some friends together and of we went!
First band up was a band I’ve seen pretty often already, we even played with them once. Yes I’m talking about the death metal act Desensitised. Now last time when I saw them they gave a pretty good show compared to the previous ones. But the PA was great then, and it wasn’t this evening. So the crappy sound pretty much screwed up the entire show, that wasn’t played bad at all though. I just felt that smoking a joint was a better idea at the time.
After that it was up to the grinders of Collision to keep everybody awake. I’ve never seen this band before, but I’m familiar with them for quite a while now. So I was pretty anxious to see this show, especially since one of the vocal-duo, Tammi, sings in Charlie*Adler as well, a band I like a lot. But unfortunately the PA was still screwing up the music. But it sure was a tight and energetic show of which I enjoyed the performance very much. A fast and tight brutal drummer pounding on the kit is a sight that still gets me emotional.
I did feel like that Tammi would be able to carry this band by himself. He has more variety in his grunts and screams than the other dude, whom didn’t sound interesting to me at all.
Well, Sengaia is just like Charlie*Adler and Isle of Man (RIP) one of the bands that have found a formula for some interesting mathcore influenced metal. Not only that, they all found some great musicians to do it as well. This one for instance has one of the best drummers I’ve seen in this small country. He also plays in the metalcore act 37 Stabwoundz. And this evening he was at it again. This time I had a better view at him than last time, so there were these moments that I was just staring at that guy with my jaw dropped.
The music is very influenced by The Dillinger Escape Plan and other acts in that extreme direction. And thank god that this time the performance was looking more like theirs as well! I love to see a lot of movement and violence going on in front of- and on a stage.
The only thing that is missing some good and original emo vocals. This guy (whom is also in the much respected Dutch metal band Textures) just doesn’t make it to a level where it sounds interesting, and perhaps even beautiful to me. His screams on the other hand appeal to me like honey to a bee. Very powerful and raw, and most of all brought with every bit of enthusiasm this guy can spare. Look out for this people, one of the better bands emerging from this country at the moment.
Details Written on Friday Jan 27th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Sengaia