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Sengaia - Maelstrom EP
As I visited The Red Chord I discovered another mathcore act from Holland that kicks serious ass. So I asked for a promo and I got their EP to review. I did have quite some trouble to be really able to say something about their music, but after hearing it like ten times I think I can tell something.
The reason that this band is hard to describe is that they’ve mixed a lot of styles in their music, it’s like death metal here, jazz there, metalcore here and a killing layer of mathcore to connect it all together. All very versatile, but it works excellent.
I like the riffs a lot, especially those really weird ones. There are rhythms on this album that I can just barely follow, the drummer plays a major part in that too. He also plays in 37 Stabwoundz, where he made a reasonable impression on me, although I don’t really like that band. But this is like WOW! What the fuck is happening behind the drum kit here?!
The only thing that makes me doubt a bit are the vocals. He has a pleasant scream and grunt voice, but his emo vocals I’m not to sure about. With an effect placed over them you can make up for a lot, but can you get away with it at a live concert?
Well just find out or yourselves because this is a band that deserves your support. If you’re into mathcore, this is some top notch stuff for you. Check it out!!!
Sengaia - Maelstrom EP
79/1001Details Garden of Exile records
Released on Wednesday Jun 1st, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Jan 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Sengaia
Tracklisting 1. The Birth And Demise Of An Infernal Machine
2. Phi
3. Hydra Guillotine
4. De Incidentibus In Fluido
5. Mystery Of The Redeemed And The Idiot
Line up Erik Kalsbeek – vocals
Auke Visser – guitar
Michel Nienhuis – guitar, backing vocals
Roy Moonen – drums
Sander Stappers – bass