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Dismember, Callenish Circle a.o. - May 18th, location: Baroeg Rotterdam
Metalrage was presented at the Baroeg the 18th of May, for a show of Dismember, Callenish Circle, Flesh Made Sin and Katafalk. An interesting package with some nice new talented bands. [img][/img] Katafalk: [img][/img] These Death/Trash metallers from Groningen have recently completed their new album Storm Of The Horde and are already kicking butts for some time now as they have toured to promote their album. The band had to begin in the afternoon and while it was quite hot outside, the temperature in the Baroeg was quite normal. That changed when Katafalk had to play, as they played their combination of Death and Trash metal. Strong songs like Operation Mindloss, Redeemer and Birthmark 666 were played. Katafalk was a good band to warm up the public for the bands to come. Flesh Made Sin: These Tilburg Trashers have had a career flux as they were given the opportunity to play at some big festivals, with some big bands. This has made FMS a quite respectable name in the Dutch trash scene. Their Slayer inspired trash metal was kicking in right from the start and the crowd seemed to enjoy it. Flesh Made Sin have recently released a MCD and now was the time for promotion. 4 songs were played from the MCD and it sounded quite promising for the nearby future. Songs like Crowned in Torment, Tormentor and Slicing The Throat were played quite neat. With 6 songs they had a spell on the crowd and for 45 minutes they were dominating the Baroeg. A very good show for this band! Callenish Circle: [img][/img] Callenish Circle is a band that is seen EVERYWHERE! They literally play on every stage and on the weirdest festivals. For a Dutch metalhead it�s almost impossible not seeing this band. Anyways, it seemed that most of the crowd came for Callenish Circle, as half of the Baroeg was dressed in a CC shirt. The show itself was a very interesting show, with some technical failures for Ronny. The set started with a new song from the new My Passion/Your Pain album called Soul Messiah. The mood was right in, as half of the Baroeg started headbanging and that for over 50 minutes long. A quite strong setlist with songs like: No Reason, Dwelling In Disdain and Witness Your Own Oblivion made sure the Baroeg was trembling. Interesting was the Pestilence cover Out Of The Body, which was played very rough. Concluding, I must say it was a great show, except for the fucked up guitars, because of the technical problems. Dismember: [img][/img] Dismember were considered death as they haven�t been in the publicity for a long time. But now, in 2003 they have recorded a new album. You would expect that Dismember was going to promote this new piece of work�� WRONG. Dismember have chosen to play a Best Of set, with all the older death metal work, with occasionally some new material. That means the Baroeg was filled with old school death metal for the next 70 minutes. The set was opened by an instant destroyer which describes the band; Dismembered was the name of the song. From the beginning the pit was heavily crowded and headbangers stood everywhere. As it was a best of set, of course songs like Bleed For Me, Skin Her Alive, Override, Skinfather and Casket Garden were played. The show itself was good, except for the sound. Sometimes it was hard to hear the riffs, as the guitars were a blur overshadowed by speeding drums and the grunts and screams of Matti. It almost seemed the bass player stood there for nothing, as the bass sound was definitely too soft. Despite these minor things the show really kicked ass and Dismember was a great concluder for an evening like this. I think a true death metal fan really has missed something this evening. With 4 bands that, with no exceptions, all played superb, you should bang your head against the wall if you have missed it. Luckily Dismember will continue touring some festivals this year, so there is another opportunity for you guys to see them