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Dismember - Dismember
Dismember started their career in 1988 and released their debut in 1991 which was an early example of Scandinavian Death Metal. Throughout the years their style evolved to a more melodic style of death metal at least that’s what Wiki tells us. Well, the hell with Wiki, Dismember is still ruling the Swedish Death metal scene from their home town Stockholm.
Their latest effort is simply called Dismember  and starts with ‘Death Conquers All´, which immediately gives you the well known kick in the face. After two more songs it’s pretty obvious. This album has everything that has made Dismember what they are today. Great pounding drums, heavy riffs and a bloody delicious death grunt. Of course during the songs several NWOBHM influences are present, which gives the album a nice twist, but most of all this album is still Dismember.
Of course one can ask oneself if Dismember isn’t too predictable with this album. There are maybe some minor changes but most of the time the sound is still the same without any sort of experimentation. Well to me it’s pretty obvious you don’t want your local Friday night pub suddenly to play Britney Spears just for some experimentation, so why would a band like Dismember do?
Like always Dismember has released another great piece of Swedish Quality Death Metal which is a must have for every Death Metal fan.
Dismember - Dismember
80/1001Details Phantom Sound&Vision
Released on Monday Feb 18th, 2008
Death Metal

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Mar 18th, 2008

Tags: #Dismember
Tracklisting 1. Death Conquers All
2. Europa Burns
3. Under a Bloodred Sky
4. Hills Have Eyes
5. Legion
6. Tide of Blood
7. Combat Fatigue
8. No Honor in Death
9. To End It All
10. Dark Death
11. Black Inn
Line up Matti Kärki – ocals
David Blomqvist – guitar
Martin Persson – guitar
Tobias Cristiansson – bass
Thomas Daun - drums