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Morbid Angel - Morbid Monstrous Metal Matinee
I had just returned from three days Pukkelpop, hadn’t even showered but I was already on my way to Tilburg to see Skinless and Morbid Angel with David Vincent. What a way to end a festival, trample everything!
First band up was Sauron, but I missed most of that. And that was for the better, because I don’t like black metal at all. Therefore I have no idea if it was good or not, I did read that they’ve been around for ten years already so they must be doing something right. Perhaps they sporadically kill a priest or something. Well what I did notice was that the drummer has only got one hand. He has taped a drumstick to his arm, which causes him to make tremendous blow with his arm. Respect to that guy.
Second on the bill was Danish death metal band Visceral Bleeding. A quality band with not much interesting to show. I mean they could play, but if it all was fascinating is a whole different story. Ah well, the perfect time to get something to eat and drink some beers and warm up for the noise yet to come.
Severe Torture is a band that has been around for some time as well, but I had never seen them before. I do have a promo of their latest release Fall Of The Despised and I quite enjoyed that. Of course we were treated to tracks of that album, as well as some old ones. Nice blasting grooving death metal performed tight and enthusiastically, just the real warm up I needed for the next two bands. It's just too bad this band sticks around in the average level a bit, because I think they can reach more than they do now. We’ll see what their upcoming tour with Vader and God Dethroned will bring them.
And now the moment I’ve been waiting for for too long, my first time Skinless, live onstage. And what mayhem they managed to create with only thirty fanatical maniacs. They got stagedivers, crowdsurfers, moshpits, a human tsunami and most impressive of all, they got like twenty people up on stage to headbang with them. Very impressive for a band that isn’t headlining. Their ultra heavy rude death metal and hardcore attack sounded good, except for the fact that the volume could be cranked up a lot more. I had to stand in front of the stage to really get into it. The foursome performed tracks of all four albums, the lion share being of the newly released Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead and of course the final track was ‘The Optimist’ with those legendary words ‘life sucks, and then you die’!
Now since I haven’t seen them with the old vocalist live, it's hard for me to make a comparison between them. Luckily for me I have a lot of friends who have seen the previous dude, and they all said that this guy was better. I quite enjoyed his performance as well, very energetic and inspiring. Afterwards I spoke with him and the bassist, bunch of weirdo’s. But for those who missed this show, there is an extra show on the 29th of August in the Little Devil, so be there to tear that fucker down!
Morbid Angel is a band that needs no introduction. These co-founding fathers of high speed death metal came, saw and conquered a well-filled 013 with ease. The sound was just perfect and beside some small problems with one of Trey Azagthoths guitars everything was in order. It was clearly noticeable that legendary David Vincent, the monster in the tight latex outfit (very male-to-male SM-like) had effects on his voice to make it sound more powerful, but then again on his age I can imagine that it's necessary. With Eric Rutan (Hate Eternal) on the other guitar they delivered a devastating show that consisted of strictly old songs. And since I only own the album Covenant I heard quite some songs that I recognized. Like the opener ‘Rapture’ and the first of the encores ‘God Of Emptiness’. After way over an hour of trampling riffs, ear-shredding solo’s and faster drums than you can imagine I could go home satisfied. This was my cherry on the icing after three days of Pukkelpop. You gotta love it!