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Morbid Angel - Heretic
Starting way back in 1989 with Altars of Madness Morbid Angel is back with Heretic. This is their 8th album and for me it's already a classic album. I have to confess that morbid angel is a part of my life but I will try to make a good desription of heretic. Brutaly is one of the words to discribe Morbid Angel. And Brutal is the new album. I've put the cd in my cd-player and the opening track "Cleansed in pestilence (blade of elohim)" almost blew up my speakers. Damm what a heavy start for the cd. Together with "Enshrined by grace" and "Within the enemy" this songs have the same intensitivity like older songs as "Rapture" and "Immortal rites". Heretic is in my supervision a continuation from the last two albums. Only the gituars and drums are more impresive and technical than before. Songs like "Beneath the hollow" and"God of our own divinity" remembers me the album "Domination". Ofcourse the soundtrack like songs are on this 8th album delegated by "Place of many deaths","Abyssous" and "Victorious march of rain the conqueror". To give this cd extra power there is a very impressive track called "Drum check" on the end of the cd. It's almost un-human how Pete controls his drumkit. With "Born again" Trey shows how he controls his guitar with a isolated solo from their previous album. After listening to this album in one piece, I've to do it again to believe my ears. Morbid Angel isn't back, they were never gone away! Tracklist. 1. Cleansed in Pestilence ( Blade of Elohim. 2. Enshrined by Grace. 3. Beneath the Hollow. 4. Curse the Flesh 5. Praise the Strength. 6. Stricken Arise. 7. Place of Many Deaths. 8. Abyssous. 9. God of Our Own Divinity. 10. Within thy Enemy 11. Memories of the Past. 12. Victorious March of The Reign the Conqueror. 13. Drum Check. 14. Born Again. Line-Up: Drums, Piano and Keyboards - Pete Sandoval Guitars, Synth and Guitar Synth - Trey Azagthoth Bass, Lead Vocals - Steve Tucker
Morbid Angel - Heretic
93/1001Details Earache
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @D.M.A. on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Morbid Angel
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