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Skinless - Trampling the Little Devil
As Skinless announced at their show with Morbid Angel, they would do a little extra show in the Little Devil in Tilburg. Of course I was present at that show to drink some beers and thrash a little with the guys.
Opening act was Outburst, the speed/thrash metal formation fronted by vocalist Tjerk. They played a good show, warming up for their upcoming cd presentation. Of course we were treated to some of those new tracks, and I must say that this is a quality band with quality riffs. They manage to create songs beyond the average hack and saw thrash stuff, and I appreciate that a lot. Although the hardest song of the set went a little bit wrong (also due to guitar problems), I was still quite amazed by their skills. Vocally I was a bit less impressed, because it’s just not my favourite style of singing. The (not too) high male vocals with the occasional screams didn’t really transfer that great, also due to the PA unfortunately. But still, a good warm up for some blunt violence.
Skinless had partied in Amsterdam previous to this show, some of them with mushrooms. Hail mushrooms. And they had slept very little, when I ran into them for an interview they didn’t even feel like drinking beer. But that didn’t mean they would put up a sloppy show, no sir! Just as dedicated as always they blew away all thirty to forty people present here. I couldn’t maintain myself this time so I moshed my ass off on several occasions during the show. I even joined in the on-stage headbanging, before disrupting everything, pushing people of the stage back into the audience and jumping vocalist Jason. My dear colleague Mat-Core even lost his glasses in all the excitement, he couldn’t see shit anymore! Luckily it was retrieved after the show.
The sound in the Little Devil was nice and loud, but a bit messy as well. Now normally this suits Skinless perfectly, especially if you’ve heard the new record, but I had real trouble hearing the fast bass drum parts. Besides this, it was a show well worth five euros, and some severe bruises the day after.