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Skinless - Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead
Having Anata's technical mastery and playful exectution on one hand, (see my review) Skinless' latest effort is a completely different effort. Skinless blast, plow, bellow and grind with no eye for any subtlety at all. Mind you, this is not a bad thing at all. This monster is called 'Trample the weak, hurdle the dead' and it sounds like a war machine which has just been well oiled, has been picking up a lot of steam. And is finally going in for the kill..

Just over 36 minutes long, Skinless grind and groove their way through a collection of 8 hymns of war, death and destruction with no respect for anything at all. Blunt, savage and raw are key words describing this onslaught and  I can imagine people not leaving unharmed when seeing these guys live.
This band is also 'tight and technical' but it is not used for showing off, just to tighten their brutal conquest and forging it into a massive sonic mayhem. And they have a sense of humour too, just listen to the last track.

I think I used enough metophorical descriptions by now but as a reminder: brutal, onslaught, mayhem, destruction, war, death, grinding, war, plowing, battlefield, war, war, war, Skinless, trample and hurdle. 

Skinless - Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead
87/1001Details Relapse
Released on Tuesday Jun 13th, 2006

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Monday Jun 12th, 2006

Tags: #Skinless
Tracklisting 1. Overlord (4:06)
2. A Unilateral Disgust (4:15)
3. Deviation Will Not Be Tolerated (5:28)
4. Trample The Weak, Hurdle The Dead (4:10)
5. Spoils Of The Sycophant (3:53)
6. Endvisioned (4:41)
7. Execution Of Reason (4:21)
8. Wicked World (5:47)
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