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Sziget 2006 - A Heavy Year
Metalrage is always looking forward to the anual Sziget Festival in Budapest, Hungary. For this years edition Metalrage arrived a day early and placed their tent on the same place as the previous years. After inflating our tents and a little refreshing we went into town to meet with a Sziget friend of us. We had a great dinner in a strange jungle restaurant and had to walk for a long time to get back to the island. Arriving at our tent we noticed something strange. The tent was open at the back entrance and we expected a big mess inside. But we found something different. In stead of the big mess it was very clean. It was way too clean, our backpacks were gone. So after the first evening in Hungary all of our clothes were gone. GREAT! After swearing, searching and calling the insurance company we went to bed knowing there was nothing left to do.

The next morning we spend the entire day finding the police station and filing a report. All of this happened before the actual festival started and is consumed all of our extra time we had. But after all the tasks we had to do we realized there was one thing left to do: Having a fucking great week. Sziget 2006 was about to start and it was time to dance, drink, eat, laugh and walk!

As some of you know the Sziget Festival contains 60 stages, 1000 acts and more than 500.000 people visit the island in 7 days. This year great acts were present: Living Colour, Ministry, Franz Ferdinand, The Scissor Sisters, Radiohead, Cradle Of Filth, Fear Factory, Sick of it All and Morbid Angel. Metalrage was mainly present for the Metal acts and wasn’t able to see everything. What we did saw you can read in this article!

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Details Written on Sunday Aug 20th, 2006
Writer @Buzzin Hornet

Tags: #Sziget 2006