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Blindsight, Arise Out Of Leftfield - Rocking Roermond
Me and my friends had decided we were going to the Textures concert in Roermond in the Azijnfabriek, but only minutes before the second band started we got a message from TexturesBart that they were stuck in traffic in Germany. This was a great dissapointment, but of course there were more bands this evening.
Opening band of tonight was Arise Out Of Leftfield, a young band from Limburg. This was their first show with their new vocalist. They played metalcore to get the crowd warmed up, which they did fairly nice. Although their play wasn’t that tight and the vocalist seemed to have some problems with the lower grunts, it was still an entertaining show. Especially the breakdowns pleased me. There certainly was potential in this band, but the so called X-factor was definitely not present.
Believe it or not, but this was the second time I saw Blindsight and it was the second time they were supposed to play second-to-last and the headliner cancelled. What are the fucking odds! Blindsight played a reasonably entertaining show, but due to the fact that I already knew that Textures wasn’t going to make it, the show couldn’t bother me that much anymore. Blindsight still plays a sort of metalcore Machine Head, but this time the vocals had improved. The screams and grunts were pretty good this time, but his clean voice still doesn’t make it. There also were some nice breakdown riffs, which even got some violent hardcore moshing started. In the end I still don’t feel like this is my band. If I have to listen to something like this I wanna do it right immediately and play some Machine fucking Head!
And so after their set, the tragic news came and we all got free tickets for a rescheduled Textures show the 13th of January.
Details Written on Saturday Oct 28th, 2006
Writer @DemonDust

Tags: #Blindsight #Arise Out Of Leftfield