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Blindsight, Outburst - Thrash Attack
About a week ago the cultural desert known as Venlo received a visit from two Dutch thrash metal bands; Blindsight and Outburst. Unfortunately I live in this shithole, so I witnessed this event at first hand.
I’ve been confronted with Outburst several times now, and usually they treat me on some fine old school thrash metal, performed in the traditional way. This time was no exception; the shredding guitar work and headbangable riffs were thrown at the three people in the audience as if they were playing a packed venue. Fortunately they dealt well with the low visitor rate, and gave a nice show. Vocalist Tjerk also appealed more to me this time than usual, but there are parts where he fails to convince me. Some extensive vocal lessons would probably take care of this problem I think. Still, an enjoyable show for the thrash heads.
The last time I was confronted with Blindsight, they became headliners because Textures couldn’t make it to the show. And when you’re waiting for Textures to play, everything opening up before that band becomes less worthy than it actually is. Okay, to me that is, before you dissers start hitting at me again. This time there was no heroic band to demolish Blindsight’s performance, so I could watch it with an open mind. And it became so much more appealing! Could be the considerable amount of beer in my stomach, but I quite enjoyed their music this time. Nothing new in the world of thrash metal/metalcore was exploited here today, but some good clean moshable fun was surely displayed for a handful of people. Fast thrash riffs, great breakdowns, tight brutal drumming and reasonable singing and screaming is what they offered us, and we were those fortunate few to witness it. That was it, after this show I declare my hometown officially extinct of metalheads.